Building Community Around Pokemon Go

Posted on November 21, 2016

by Andy L

It’s been almost five months since Pokemon Go officially launched in the US. A lot has changed since then, both good and bad. It’s fun to reflect back and see what’s been accomplished in a short amount of time.

Breaking Guinness Records

1. Most Revenue by a mobile game in the first month

2. Most downloads by a mobile game in the first month

3. Most downloads international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in the first month

4. Most revenue international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in the first month

5. Fastest gross time to $100 million by a mobile game

Building Community

There are entire organizations and movements around building community, yet Pokemon Go brought together people removing generation, technology and some physical ability gaps. Parks, community hubs and universities were plagued by people getting out of their house in raw numbers sharing a positive activity melding technology and human interaction.

Image from Business to Community – July 2016

Image from the University of Toledo Twitter – July 2016

In-Game Events

Something that has brought community and players back into the game has been events and positive new features. (Don’t even get me started on the current gym game or end game content.)

Halloween Event

Double Candy. Less Walking. More Ghost Pokemon. All good things for the players and it certainly didn’t hurt Niantic’s bottom line.

Daily Bonus

Bonus Items from Pokestops and more Pokemon spawning all over.

Weekly Streak Quests

Get rewards for minimal effort every day. It might be harder for a rural player, but most people have access to one Pokestop and one Pokemon.

A Celebration to Say Thank You

The most recent event doubles the amount of XP and Stardust you receive when completing in-game actions.

Sharing the Wealth – Drop a Lure

Before learning about the ramifications and dangers of dropping lures in a hospital setting, my wife and I had stopped by the Toledo Hospital to drop a few lures there. Learning that wasn’t in the best interest of the hospital, we moved on to Libraries, Metroparks and the Toledo Zoo. Nothing beats spreading happiness. What’s your favorite place to drop Lures?

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