Children’s Library & Teen Recommends – Fall 2021

Posted on September 7, 2021

by Joyce S

Youth Services Librarians love to read, too! Check out what your favorite Children’s and Teen Librarians at Main Library are reading, whether it be a picture book about penguins, a middle grade adventure in a treehouse, vampires in Louisiana, or a time-traveling phone booth!The Children’s Library is located on the second floor of the Main Library. If you have questions about our collection, please feel free to email or call 419.259.5231.

The Teen Library can be found on the first floor, next to Making, which houses the Making Lab as well as the video and music production studios. For all teen-related inquiries, reach out to us at or call 419.259.5297.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the reading recommendations feature in our blog posts. Of course, you do not have to stop here! Let us know if you’d like additional recommendations. Be sure to check out our kids programs and teen programs!

Cover of Manly Appetites: Minegishi Loves Otsu

Manly Appetites: Minegishi Loves Otsu

By Mito

This Boys’ Love manga series is about a successful and respected salaryman, Minegishi, with the insatiable desire of feeding his grumpy coworker, Otsu. The characters are really funny and sweet; Mito does a great job with the different dynamics between them! A fun, sweet comedy with small doses of deep, meaningful concepts.

Cover of Before the Ever After

Before the Ever After

By Jacqueline Woodson

Libby eBook


Libby eAudiobook

ZJ has a charming existence; his father is a much-loved tight end for a professional football team. But lately, things are changing in ZJ’s home. Because of repeated head injuries, ZJ’s father is having trouble remembering, suffers from terrible headaches and is becoming increasingly angry. In the face of these struggles, ZJ struggles to hold on to the happier memories, maintain his friendships, and cope with his family’s new reality. As the 2021 Ohioana Book Award winner for Middle Grade/Young Adult Literature, this is not one to miss. Expertly crafted as a coming-of-age novel-in-verse, Before the Ever After, touches on issues of mental health, racial identity, heroism, and the disillusion of dreams. Even the most reluctant middle grade reader will be drawn in by this easy-to-read book with realistic and relatable characters.

Cover of Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

By Suzanne Park

Libby eAudiobook


hoopla eBook


hoopla eAudiobook

When Sonny Song accidently livestreams a PG-13 cooking video, her parents send her to a digital-detox camp in Iowa. Three reasons why I like this book: spot on observations about online culture, lack of Midwest stereotypes, funny and witty strong teen character.

Cover of Outside, Inside

Outside, Inside

By LeUyen Pham

Libby eBook

Explaining the pandemic to very young children is difficult, but this book delivers! Beautiful illustrations highlight people going about their lives pre-pandemic (outside), then everything stops and moves inside. Essential workers are applauded, a hopeful tone is conveyed, and many topics of conversation between little ones and their grown-ups can be shared.

Hope. Perseverance. A new normal.

Cover of Half Magic

Half Magic

By Edward Eager

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Libby eAudio

Four siblings find a coin that grants half a wish. An imaginative classic with a grumpy cat and lots of chaos caused by half a wish or two times a wish. Recommended for lovers of magic wishes, adventures, and stories that take place in Toledo, Ohio.

Cover of Memory Superpowers! An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don't Want to Forget

Memory Superpowers! An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don’t Want to Forget

By Nelson Dellis

hoopla eBook

Defeat the Memory Thief with four-time US Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis, in this practical but entertaining adventure. Helpful for kids and adults alike who want to dazzle their friends and teachers by memorizing long lists of people or places or dates or anything! Dellis’ easy to follow exercises for pumping up your memory muscle are amusing and extremely useful. This book will help you feel like a memory superhero, ready to defeat those tedious school studies and facts with ease. Set a reminder to check out this book today and read your way to recollecting anything and everything!

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