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Christmas Books and Movie Adaptations

Posted 11/20/20 by Jozlyn H

Read and watch what brings you joy! This post needs to be read now (pre-Thanksgiving) so you can put your name on the holds list because they can fill up fast!

Christmas novels bring me lots of joy. I only just discovered them last year, what?! I can’t believe I was missing out on these beautiful hallmarks of novels. Actually, a lot of Hallmark movies are based on these delightful novels. Allow me to pair them for you.

Cover of A Bramble House Christmas

A Bramble House Christmas

print   |   hoopla AudioBook   |   DVD

Finn goes back to Montana to figure out why his deceased father left a large sum of money to this strange nurse, Willa. He never expected to fall for her and love her son as his own by Christmas.

Cover of A December Bride

A December Bride

eBook   |   hoopla AudioBook   |   hoopla eBook   |   DVD

Seth and Layla get awkwardly, accidentally, publicly engaged but need to keep up the façade for her career… and his heart. Oh, be still, my heart.

Cover of Mr. Miracle

Mr. Miracle

Print   |   Large Print   |   DVD   |   Spoken CD   |   Playaway   |   eBook

Complete opposites growing up, Addie and Erich try, but fail, to avoid each other when Addie returns to their hometown. With a little prompting from her teacher, Addie just might forgive their differences.

Cover of Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Print   |   Large Print   |   DVD   |   Spoken CD   |   Playaway   |   eBook

Who doesn’t love a Christmas story that starts in a New York City toy store? Let the love flow!

Cover of Trading Christmas

Trading Christmas

Print   |   eBook   |   hoopla eBook   |   DVD

Holiday house swap, but wait, one of them gets Santa’s village for their swap! Anything can happen at Christmas.

Cover of The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train

Print   |   DVD   |   Spoken CD   |   eAudioBook   |   hoopla AudioBook   |   eBook

Tom loses his cool at the airport, is banned, and has to take the train home to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his girlfriend. Tell me a story about a train ride at Christmas please!

Cover of Engaging Father Christmas

Engaging Father Christmas

eBook   |   Print   |   DVD

A classic story of a lady looking for love and finding more than she ever imagined. Swoon.

Cover of A Dog Named Christmas

A Dog Named Christmas

Print   |   DVD   |   eBook

A beautiful story of a rescue dog teaching everyone a lesson in the powers of love and goodwill. This is sure to warm your heart.

Cover of The Christmas Secret

The Christmas Secret

Print   |   DVD   |   Large Print   |   Spoken CD   |   hoopla AudioBook

Forced into being a secret Santa in order to get his inheritance, Martin meets a police officer who teaches his introverted self that strangers are just friends they have not met yet. This is a beautiful story of what it means to give.

Cover of Finding Father Christmas

Finding Father Christmas

eBook   |   DVD

Miranda flies from San Francisco to London shortly before Christmas to find the father she never met. Ironically, she ends up spending time with the family she discovers is hers but is torn between telling the truth (and wrecking their image of her father) or taking the truth back to California with her.

Cover of Christmas with Holly

Christmas with Holly

eBook   |   DVD

A little orphaned girl goes to live with her uncle who has no idea what to do except what the instructions say: to love her. Magic, toy shops, love, and Christmas bring the pair an unexpected addition to their duo.

Cover of The Christmas Note

The Christmas Note

Print   |   DVD   |   hoopla AudioBook   |   eAudionBook   |   eBook

Two unlikely women become friends as one helps the other clear her deceased mother’s apartment. They find a note that reveals a family secret that sends them on a journey to discover forgiveness, hope, and redemption.

Cover of The Christmas Box

The Christmas Box

Print   |   DVD   |   eBook   |   hoopla Movie   |   hoopla AudioBook   |   eAudioBook

A young family moves in with a widow and together they learn the true magic of Christmas in this much-loved story.

Cover of The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi

Print   |   Picture Book   |   DVD   |   eBook   |   hoopla Disney Storybook   |   hoopla Movie   |   hoopla Movie

A classic story of a couple who want to get each other a gift for Christmas but they do not have any spare money. The Mickey Mouse edition really brings on the waterworks.

Now that you have this glorious list of book/audiobook/film adaptations, please go forth and request your holds. May the books bring you all the joy of the season this year. You deserve it!