Christmas in July

Posted on July 27, 2020

by Rachel and Tim

I know there are lot of folks out there looking for some holiday spirit right now. How about celebrating Christmas in July by streaming some holiday-themed movies on Hoopla? My birthday is in July, so feel free to celebrate that as well. Unfortunately, my biopic has yet to be filmed.

Hoopla’s list of Christmas movies is quite extensive and offers films in various genres and age groups. I can’t begin to list all the options, otherwise this would take all day to read.

I recommend going to Hoopla, selecting “movies” and then using the search word “Christmas” and you will be rewarded with the gift of film under the proverbial tree. The following are some of my favorites that I can personally recommend followed by a few that I am eager to check out based on a presumed level of cheesiness.

Christmas Love Story (AKA Love at the Christmas Table) For thirty years, Sam and Katherine have spent Christmas Eve at the children’s table. When Sam learns Katherine is moving away, he has one night to tell her he loves her.

This film features Ted from Schitt’s Creek, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, Luke from Gilmore Girls and Lea Thomson from, well, everything. Don’t get me started on the catchy song “I Can’t Help Myself” by Terrie and the Carlas that is NOT available on iTunes.

Marry Me for Christmas

To appease her family during the holidays, a single woman pretends to be engaged to her employee in this uproarious rom-com.

Aside from a little too much product placement, this film is festive and filled with comfortable tropes. Big city girl goes home for Christmas only to be assaulted by an overbearing family all staying together in her mother’s house (that apparently has 37 bedrooms to accommodate everyone).

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 In this horror sequel, the younger brother of the murderer in the previous film takes up his sibling’s unfinished business. Dressed up as Santa Claus, the young man goes on a killing spree, murdering the innocent townsfolk in a variety of gory and gruesome ways.

This was one of my first horror films and was surprisingly more entertaining than the original. If you can handle the mix of horror and Christmas, I highly recommend.

Unlikely Angel Dolly Parton plays Ruby Diamond, a brassy and sassy lounge singer. When she meets an untimely demise, Ruby’s denied entrance to heaven by Saint Peter (Roddy McDowall). To earn her wings, she must find a mother for a widowed father and his family, in this endearing movie of hope and love.

Who better than Dolly to whip up some spirit, arrange a little romance and sing some songs all while wearing totally inappropriate outfits for a nanny?

Bad Santa You’d better watch out – Santa Claus Willie T. Stokes is coming to town and he doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. Willie’s favorite holiday tradition is to fill his sacks with loot lifted from shopping malls across the country. But this year his plot gets derailed by a wisecracking store detective, a pretty bartender and a kid who’s convinced Willie is the real Santa Claus.

If you’ve seen it already, you know. If you are easily offended, do not press play.

Christmas Reservations It’s Christmastime at the TREELINE SKI RESORT, a magnificent lodge nestled in the lush mountains of Tahoe. Holly Anderson, the owner’s daughter, is the resort event coordinator. She plans every event at the hotel and leaves no detail unaccounted for. Holly leaves nothing to chance, except when she meets a handsome widower with 2 children who teaches her a lesson about spontaneity.

I will watch any movie starring Melissa Joan Hart.

Christmas Survival A tale of family holiday celebration, something that everyone must struggle with.

For those of you that prefer your holidays to be a little British.

Christmas Hotel Erin works at the Windsor Hotel in NYC hoping to be promoted to manager of the luxury chain in Rome. Things take a turn when she’s put in charge of a new hotel in her hometown, a mountain town that loves all things Christmas, all year. Upon returning, Erin learns the town isn’t pleased with the chain hotel & the man spearheading the movement against the hotel is Connor, Erin’s childhood crush.
Christmas with the Karountzoses On Christmas Eve Michael Karountzos finds out he didn’t get his anticipated promotion and must now deal with fourteen Greek relatives at his dinner table.
Noel Joy is just around the corner when Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Paul Walker, and Alan Arkin fill out an all-star cast in this holiday classic. As five strangers come together on Christmas Eve, a story of peace, companionship, comfort, love, and healing unfolds against the backdrop of New York City. Noel, with its stunning cast and inspirational story, proves miracles are closer than you think.
The Snowman Awakening to a fresh coat of snow on the ground outside, a young boy is inspired to build a snowman and, sure enough, a magical adventure ensues… starting precisely at midnight. The snowman and boy quickly bond and embark on a fantastical flying journey that leads to the North Pole. There, they are welcomed as special guests of a famous, red-clad individual. Based on Raymond Briggs’ wordless children’s book, The Snowman is a brilliantly animated (painstakingly hand drawn) English classic that appeals to all ages.
Snowman & Snowdog An animated sequel to The Snowman, a boy discovers an old, secret box hidden under his bedroom’s floorboards. The box’s contents include a hat, scarf, coal, and other items; it’s a snowman-making kit that the boy simply must assemble. Later that day, with some fresh-fallen snow, the boy builds not just a snowman but also a snowdog companion. In short time the three embark on a magical adventure that covers the English countryside (you’ll notice flyovers of famous British landmarks) that lasts throughout the night until dawn. Sit back and appreciate watching how this sequel deftly ties-in references and makes connections with the original animated classic.

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