Down to Crown: 20 Movies About Royalty to Celebrate the Coronation

Posted on May 4, 2023

by Eric P

We don’t have kings and princesses in the United States. (Check out the history books, it was a whole thing.) But that doesn’t mean we don’t like stories about royalty – partly because we like to imagine having such privileges and power, and partly because we enjoy seeing people in those positions reduced to our level by the irresistible force of plot mechanics.

As Americans, we’re not required to care about the coronation of King Charles III – again: we fought a war and everything – but here are some movies, all Shakespeare-free, that fictionalize royals from that and other countries, real and imagined, into very human situations.

(Let the record show that some of these movies are definitely not suitable for children. Some might possibly be only suitable for children. A couple probably aren’t suitable for anyone. And at least one of them is, at best, only royalty-adjacent. But why should monarchs get to be the only ones who bend rules?)

Royal Wedding

hoopla   |   Kanopy



Princess Caraboo


Mirror Mirror

hoopla   |   Kanopy

A Royal Affair


The Royal Tailor

hoopla   |   Kanopy

Tale of Tales


The Great, Season 1

The Great, Season 2

A Royal in Paradise


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