Dyslexia-Friendly Books for Juvenile Readers

Posted on July 5, 2023

by Heidi Y

Having trouble finding widely produced books printed in dyslexia-friendly typefaces?

Dyslexia-friendly typefaces are recommended for readers because the type is spaced farther apart and usually has thicker lines within parts of letters. This helps a reader distinguish between letters and words more easily. Examples of typefaces to look for are ARIAL or COMIC SANS.

Here are some some stories about dyslexia, including “Here’s Hank,” written by The Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, who is dyslexic. The “Here’s Hank” series is designed using the typeface DYSLEXIE, a font developed to help dyslexic readers.

Here’s Hank: You Can’t Drink a Meatball Through a Straw

Print  |  hoopla

May B: A Novel

Print  |  eBook

Fish in a Tree

Print  |  eBook  |  eAudiobook

Aaron Slater, Illustrator

Print  |  eBook  |  hoopla eBook  |  hoopla eAudiobook

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