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Election Resources for Grades 6-8

Posted about 5 days ago by Patti L

Sorting through the overabundance of digital information can be a chore for teachers and students alike. With Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s curated digital collection, our librarians have lightened that burden. Using trusted resources and expert knowledge, our resourceful librarians have gathered a collection of credible and reliable resources on dozens of popular classroom topics, carefully curating each list to meet the curricular grade level demands.

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Cover of The Election book: the people pick a president The Election book: the people pick a president
Cover of March: book one March: book one
print   |   ebook
Cover of Because they marched: the people’s campaign for voting rights that changed America Because they marched: the people’s campaign for voting rights that changed America
Cover of The Women’s Rights Movement The Women’s Rights Movement
print   |   eBook
Cover of Lifting as we climb:  black women’s battle for the ballot box Lifting as we climb: black women’s battle for the ballot box
Cover of Schoolhouse Rock! Election collection Schoolhouse Rock! Election collection

Research Tools

EBSCOhost Master File

Searchable, multi-database of popular newspaper and magazine articles as well as primary sources. Site also includes a searchable images database of photos, maps, and flags and an English dictionary.

Third-Party Provider: EBSCO

Access EBSCOhost Master File Now

Gale eBooks (formerly GVRL)

Access hundreds of books and publications within 21 different topics including the arts, biography, business, education, the environment, history, LGBTQ, medicine, multicultural studies and race and civil rights. Email, download, print or save pages. iOS app Google Play app

School information
Grade Levels: high school
Subjects: art/music, business, college prep, English/language arts, health, science, history/government, social studies and technology

Third-Party Provider: Gale

Access Gale eBooks (formerly GVRL) Now

MRI Simmons Insights

MRI-Simmons Insights is a consumer intelligence and discovery platform that provides marketers with faster access to actionable consumer insights.

Powered by Smart Search, the most comprehensive consumer intelligence search engine, the new platform allows marketers to mine through thousands of consumer behaviors in seconds, helping clients accelerate the development of brand consumer messaging, cross-channel marketing, and media planning tactics.

Access MRI Simmons Insights Now

Prenda Code Club

Prenda Code Club is a learn-to-code educational software for kids ages 8-18. Learn how to build websites, video games, apps, animations, and more! Prenda is loaded with fun interactive tutorials as well as coding project prompts. As coders progress through the software, they’ll build a real-world portfolio. Come build something awesome with us!

Parents: The Parents Guide includes instructions for creating accounts and helpful material on how to supports kids learning to code.

Access Prenda Code Club Now
Cover of March March
Book 1   |   Book 2   |   Book 3
Cover of A Kid’s Guide to the Voting Process A Kid’s Guide to the Voting Process
Cover of True Life: Alice Paul True Life: Alice Paul
Cover of Voting Voting


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