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Flashlight Frenzy Fun

Posted about 1 year ago by Erin P

Pull the blankets up over your head and grab a good book: It’s time for Flashlight Frenzy!

Toledo Lucas County Public Library is partnering with Metroparks Toledo to provide free flashlights (while supplies last) for families at the Library in October. What can you do with your flashlight?

You can even use your flashlight to win a night of camping at Metroparks Toledo.

Cover of Blackout

Blackoutin Catalog

By John Rocco

What do you do when the power goes out? Reconnect with your family!

Cover of A Dark, Dark Cave

A Dark, Dark Cavein Catalog

By Eric Hoffman; Illustrated By Corey R. Tabor

A brother and sister use their flashlight to explore an imaginative, indoor cave.

Cover of Fox Explores the Night

Fox Explores the Nightin Catalog

By Martin Jenkins; Illustrated By Richard Smythe

Join Fox as she prowls the neighborhood and learns about sunlight, moonlight and shadows.

Cover of George and His Shadow

George and His Shadowin Catalog

By Davide Cali; Illustrated By Serge Bloch

George’s shadow has a mind of its own in this silly story about friendship.

Cover of The Midnight Library

The Midnight Libraryin Catalog

By Kazuno Kohara

This librarian and her owls can help find the perfect book in the middle of the night.

Cover of The Night World

The Night Worldin Catalog

By Mordicai Gerstein

A boy discovers secrets of the nighttime outside and the magic of the sunrise.

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