Free Government Information For You

Posted on July 6, 2020

by Tess L

As a Federal Documents Depository Library, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has thousands of documents in paper, and hundreds accessible online. Many of these are research oriented, and essential for diving deep into sometimes complicated subjects. Some sources of government information are less formal, though, and deal with current events, and topics of public interest. The U.S. government has developed websites with the most up to date information for you.

This is a website hosted by the U. S. Government Bookstore, providing free federal publications. All publications are free. In addition, some are available in print and can be mailed to you. Browse the categories for information on employment, health, money, and more. This website and most of the publications are accessible in Spanish. Here are some highlights: is an online resource that has resources on consumer issues, employment, health, money, voting, and other topics. Choose a category to browse articles on topics and services within that category. Searches cover federal, state, and local government websites for the public. There is an A-Z Index of Government Departments and Agencies with contact information for hundreds of agencies and sub-agencies. A toll-free number is provided if you wish to speak to an information specialist. This site is accessible in Spanish. Here are some highlights:

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