Gluten-Free – What’s All The Fuss About?

Posted on November 21, 2016

by April S

Gluten-free this and gluten-free that. It’s all the buzz lately everywhere you turn. You may be wondering – “What’s all the fuss about?” Is this simply one of those trendy fad diets that surfaces every few years? Is it a sign of the times? Or is there a real reason to adopt a gluten-free diet? While some people may simply decide to adopt trendy diets and ask questions later in the hopes of either “feeling better” or “losing weight” – it’s important to avoid buying into all the hype, do a little research and consult a professional before delving into any major lifestyle or dietary changes. After all, restrictive diets may mean you’ll be missing out on key vitamins and nutrients.

What is gluten anyway?

According to the Gluten-Free Survival Guide website, gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, some hybrid grains and is present in a lot of processed foods like cereal, bread, pasta and even alcohol. Gluten is well-known for its viscoelastic properties (Wikipedia). Basically, it’s what helps bread rise and makes bagels chewy.

Now, if you, or a person you know, happens to suffer from Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity (aka, Gluten Intolerance), then you may be interested in finding creative ways to accommodate these special dietary restrictions. The Toledo Lucas County Public Library can help! Check out our wide variety of gluten-free resources available at your local library or online.

Cookbooks Featuring Gluten-Free Recipes

Danielle Walker's against all grain celebrations : a year of gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo recipes for every occasion by Danielle Walker Ditch the wheat : 120 paleo recipes for a gluten-free lifestyle by Carol Lovett Against the grain : extraordinary gluten-free recipes made from real, all natural ingredients by Nancy Cain Clean cakes : delicious patisserie made with whole, natural and nourishing ingredients and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar by Henrietta Inman
Gluten-Free Girl American classics reinvented by Shauna James Ahern with Daniel Ahern The chickpea flour cookbook : healthy gluten-free and grain-free recipes to power every meal of the day by Camilla V. Saulsbury Gluten-free classic snacks : 100 recipes for the brand-name treats you love by Nicole Hunn Eat. Drink. Shine. inspiration from our kitchen : gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipes / by the Blissful Sisters Jennifer, Jessica & Jill Emich

eBooks Featuring Gluten-Free Options

Williams-Sonoma: Weeknight Gluten Free My Gluten-Free Kitchen by Gearoid Lynch The Gluten-Free Kitchen 100 Best Gluten-Free Foods by Judith Wills, Love Food Editors
Gluten-Free Family Favorites by Kelli Bronski, Peter Bronski The Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook by Erica Kerwien Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Baking by Kristine Kidd Healthier Gluten-Free by Lisa Howard

Articles about Gluten-Free Diets

Against The Grain: Should You Go Gluten-Free?The New Yorker

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The Gluten-Free Craze: Is It Healthy?The Wall Street Journal

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Find more information about Gluten with these online resources

Beyond Celiac

Celiac Disease Foundation

Gluten Dude

Gluten-Free Diet – Mayo Clinic

Gluten-Free Girl

Gluten-Free Goddess

Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Society

Gluten Intolerance Group

No Gluten, No Problem

Featured Image Credit: The Gluten Free Aisle by Memphis CVB (flickr, Creative Commons license).

Disclaimer: This blog provides information for educational purposes only. Always consult a medical professional before starting a new diet or exercise plan.

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