Guiding Kids in the Digital World, Books for PreK-Kindergarten

Posted on April 22, 2021

by Andrea S

Safety protocols are important for children who like to explore the web.  Setting up boundaries can help keep children safe.

Here are few safety tips to remember when kids are using the internet.

Don’t give anyone your password, name, address, the name of your school or any information about your family.

There are people on the internet who explore for other reasons. Being safe is a key factor.

These funny books will help kids learn to use the internet safely: 

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Cover of Doug Unplugged

Doug Unplugged
By Yaccarino, Dan

Robot Doug forges his own path by going outside to play. An exciting day of discovery follows.

Cover of Doug Unplugs on the Farm

Doug Unplugs on the Farm
By Yaccarino, Dan

Doug and his parents are off to visit the grandbots. Their journey is interrupted by some sheep in the road. Doug goes from downloading information about farm animals to interacting with them!

Cover of Unplugged

By Steve Antony

Blip is a cute little cyborg who is addicted to screens. When she trips on the power cord shutting down her computer, Blip realizes there are green things and strange beings outside.

Cover of Troll Stinks

Troll Stinks
By Jeanne Willis

Finding the farmer’s mobile phone, Billy Goat and his friends enjoy taking selfies and playing games. Should they send bullying messages to their friend Troll?

Cover of Dot

By Randi Zuckerberg

Dot remembers how to share, swipe and tap on her computer, but she’s forgotten how to do things in the surrounding world. Dot’s tech-savvy expertise and her imagination win out in the end.

Cover of Goodnight iPad

Goodnight iPad
By Ann Droyd

Comparing the light of the moon to our glowing devices, this book is a great read aloud. This parody of a children’s classic will be enjoyed by kids and adults.

Cover of Cyber Thief Showdown

Cyber Thief Showdown
By Geronimo Stilton

With packages arriving out of nowhere, a mouse believes someone has stolen his identity! A computer expert helps him track down the hacker.

Cover of Hello Ruby

Hello Ruby
By Linda Liukas

This activity book teaches children the fundamentals of computational thinking. Ruby has a huge imagination and determination to solve any puzzle. If you want to break big problems into small ones, create step-by-step plans, and think outside the box, this book is for you.

Cover of Be Safe on the Internet

Be Safe on the Internet
By Bridget Heos

This book is a great read for children who enjoy reading to their pets. Aidan teaches his curious puppy how to stay safe online.

Cover of Technology and Engineering for Early Readers Cover of Technology and Engineering for Early Readers

Technology and Engineering for Early Readers

World eBook

The World eBook, a digital resource offered by the Library, is a great source of information for all ages. It offers reliable, factual, and interactive content with stunning photos and visuals to entice and educate readers. The Technology and Engineering section offers coding and other computer science experiences.

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