October Then-and-Now Photography Challenge

Posted on September 25, 2019

by John D

Like many centuries-old cities across the country, some buildings and monuments that make Toledo what it is feel like they have been here forever. But in fact, large stretches of the city have changed a great deal over time.

In the Local History and Genealogy Department, we work to digitize our historical image collections and make them available online for public research. Those images, however, only provide one snapshot in time.

A Photography Challenge for You

We would like to challenge you to flex your photography skills and add contemporary views to our historical images. Use your powers of deduction to find the vantage point from which the original photographer or artist captured these Toledo scenes, and submit your new version to the Community Photo Album.

Help record Toledo’s history in real time, and who knows, maybe in another hundred years or so, a new generation will use your photograph for research or try to recreate your vantage point.

If you are having trouble determining where the photographer capture the image, come in to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library for assistance. We will happily help with research and get you on your way to taking great photographs. The Local History and Genealogy department can pull historical maps, city directories, photograph collections and more if you really want to dive into researching the area.

This month’s pictures come from the Ken Levin Postcard Collection, which comprise more than 3,000 postcards the Library was lucky enough to receive in donation. The entire collection has been digitized and is available to view online.

Ken Levin collected postcards spanning nearly a hundred years of Toledo history. These images offer an astounding number of views of buildings and locations that no longer exist, like Soldiers Memorial Hall, Toledo Beach or original buildings that house such organizations as the Toledo Club or the YMCA.

First Congregational Church

Bartley residence, 1855 Collingwood Blvd.

Toledo Museum of Art

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