Pitch-Perfect Picks: Best Books on Baseball to Celebrate Opening Day

Posted on March 28, 2024

by Amy H

Most of us know by now, that there actually IS a lot of crying in baseball, and mostly by the fans when their team whiffs a game or trades a beloved player. A lot of the appeal of baseball is that it has lasted so long. There’s something oddly comforting in knowing that something has lasted for generations, weathering war, calamity, scandal, and most deadly of all: general malaise. Wikipedia reports that the most attended baseball game in history was in March 2008 between the Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers, with 115,301 people in attendance, the only game to definitively break 100,000 attendees. The least attended game was in 1882, between the Troy Trojans and the Massachusetts Worcesters, which some reports indicate had an attendance of 6 spectators (!). Both clubs were being dropped from the National League, and apparently, fans had little interest in lame-duck teams, especially on a cold, windy September day.

What will this season bring? Here are some great reads while you ponder….

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