Rachel Recommends: 6 New(ish) Must Read Books for Summer 2022

Posted on June 21, 2022

by Rachel S

Whether you find yourself eating baked beans from a paper plate at a family reunion while fending off judgemental comments from relatives, sitting on a blanket in Promenade Park waiting for the inevitable Foreigner concert to start, or chasing down the only ice cream truck that sells Choco Tacos, a good book may be the break you need from summer madness.

The Nineties by Chuck Klosterman

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I’m not saying that in order to fully appreciate this book you need to have been born between 1965-1979, have once owned platform flip flops, feel that Seinfeld and Living Single are the two greatest sitcoms of the decade, and remember exactly where you were when you heard the news about Kurt Cobain, but it helps. I adored this book and wanted to hug it for all the reminiscing it conjured.

These two Klosterman quotes from The Nineties should give you a taste:

“There’s no evidence that people of the 1990s wanted clear versions of beverages that were readily available in non-clear form.”

“The nineties were the last decade in history where personal and political engagement were still considered optional.”

Ah, the halcyon days of flannel and thin eyebrows. I miss you.

For fans of choker necklaces, AOL.com, and Zima.

Highfire by Eoin Colfer

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For fans of Carl Hiaasen or Christopher Moore and those that are looking for a fusion of both, Highfire is your next must read. Eoin Colfer combines swamp lore, teen ingenuity, irreverence, redemption, and dragon friendship in this fast-paced, fun novel that is a sure distraction to the ongoing (insert crisis here) happening now.

The Turner House by Angela Flournoy

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Do you enjoy stories about large families?

Does your family have a spooky story passed down from generation to generation?

Do you like books set in Detroit?

More a family saga with a ghost story than a ghost story about a family, The Turner House is a page-turning read about a how siblings are interconnected and if someone tells you they’ve seen a ghost, believe them. The Turner family invites you in and asks you to stay for good food, drinks, and dancing.

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead

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Colson Whitehead could write about paint drying and I would find it compelling. His writing is such that I find myself drawn to the subject and linked to the characters almost instantly. I covet his ability to tell a story eloquently with a wink here and an allusion there without allowing it to veer from the plot or confuse the reader. He is a master of readable literary fiction.

Harlem Shuffle stars Carney as a slightly crooked, but mostly well-meaning entrepreneur in 1960s Harlem. When he finds himself in a sticky situation, he uses his ample skill set to work his way through it.

For fans of James McBride and Walter Mosley.

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman

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The talented author and actress Catherine Steadman offers a glimpse into the rigors of Hollywood complete with a mystery of mistaken identity and manipulation. Perfect for your first beach read of the summer!

For fans of Lifetime Movie Network, Dateline, or murder podcasts.

I Dream of Dinner (So You Don’t Have To) by Ali Slagle

This recipe book features attractive phrases like:

  • 8 ingredients or less
  • Less than 45 mins. prep
  • Only 1 or 2 pots
  • Half the recipes = plant-based

My family is especially fond of the chicken-dill patties with zucchini.

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