Rachel Recommends: What You Need to Make Your Fall Season the Coziest

Posted on October 1, 2022

by Rachel S

Whether your definition of a perfect fall evening involves sitting in front of a roaring bonfire wrapped in a tartan blanket with a mug of cider, taking part in a ghost hunting project that may end up as paranormal found footage, or creating a TikTok that involves adding pumpkin spice to toxic social situations, we encourage you to embrace the season to its fullest!

Here are some excellent (and free) options to enhance your experience:

Hello, Autumn! by Shelley Rotner

Focuses on all the ways our natural world gets cozy in preparation for winter. Complete with vibrant photographs, which makes it the perfect selection to read with the kiddo in your life.

The Return by Rachel Harrison

eBook | eAudiobook

A group of girlfriends take a weekend getaway at a fancy hotel to celebrate the return of one of their own who’d gone mysteriously missing. Once there, things start to seem a little off with not only the vividly appointed accommodations, but with the prodigal friend as well.  

Check out Cackle by the same author for a witchy vibe this Rocktober.

Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween by Lisa Morton


I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday set in my favorite season. The smell of the inside of a carved pumpkin, a mini-Snickers, a bonfire, and the possibility of a ghostly encounter are all that embody Halloween to me. This book takes a thorough look at the rich history of the pagan cum commercial festival starting with the ancient Celtic traditions (some quite brutal) through present day celebrations and razor blade hoaxes. The holiday certainly has a hold on our society not only for the candy industry, but for the child in all of us that looks forward to that one special night with feverish glee.  

BTW, I don’t know about you, but I am a Halloween purist and refuse to live in a community that chooses to host their tricks or treats on alternate evenings or (the blasphemy) in the afternoon. There is no choice. Halloween is October 31 and, much like the Peach Pit, it’s better after dark.  

Half Baked Harvest Every Day: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Feel-Good Meals by Tieghan Gerard


I love a cookbook that includes a color photo of each meal. This is surprisingly not as common as you’d think. Dear publishers, we need to know what the food is supposed to look like when complete! What REALLY caught my eye was the photo of sweet potato pierogi dish on the cover. Can’t go wrong with pierogis.  

Allegedly simple meals for the whole family, including an apple and Brie crostini. I can’t tell you how often I have extra Brie in the house and don’t know what to do with it. You think I’m kidding. Is this post too elitist?  

Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony Marra

eBook | eAudiobook

Superbly written story of intertwining lives of those caught between being a new American during WWII and the injustices that came from being considered an outsider or even a “resident enemy.” Set in the film industry of Old Hollywood during the height of the Hayes Code. Perfect for film and history buffs alike.  




Have you tried Kanopy yet? Streaming services are expensive and while the Library has access to tons of great DVDs, we have expanded our collection to include a free streaming service that you can use instantly. The quality of the collection is impressive! Looking for a good horror flick to round out the season? Kanopy has a long list of options including Rachel Recommended favorites like: Nosferatu, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Suspiria, Hereditary, Midsommar, Trick ‘r Treat, Don’t Look Now, and Train to Busan


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