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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - hoopla Edition

Posted 6 months ago by Kelly P

In this time of physical separation, let's take a moment to celebrate connections: connections to Kevin Bacon!

I'm sure at some point you've heard of the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon". If you haven't, here's the gist: name any actor and within six movies or TV shows, you should be able to connect the dots from actor to actor, to get to a film with Kevin Bacon in the cast.

Let's try connecting:

Rose Byrne to Kevin Bacon

Ben Stiller to Kevin Bacon

Jake Johnson to Kevin Bacon

Who can you connect to Kevin Bacon?

Challenge friends and fellow movie lovers to make some Kevin Bacon connections and connect more with each other in the process!

All movie titles listed above are free to stream via hoopla with your Toledo Lucas County Public Library Card.

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