To All the Otaku, with Love – April 2021

Posted on April 30, 2021

by Joyce S

Are you a manga or anime enthusiast? We are, too! We are constantly looking for new (and awesome) titles to add to our collection. We are happy to share some of our favorites with you, including some light novels!

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Cover of Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School
By Eiji Nonaka

Japan’s runaway hit comedy has finally arrived! Takashi Kamiyama is an average high school student who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But as fate would have it, he’s ended up at the notorious reform school, Cromartie High. After becoming friends with a motley crew of thugs, a gorilla, and a trash can-shaped robot, Takashi won’t just learn his ABCs – he’ll learn everything there is to know about being a juvenile delinquent. And so will you!

Cover of Baby & Me

Baby & Me
By Marimo Ragawa

Since his mother passed away, it has become Takuya’s job to look after his baby brother Minoru, while their father works. He’s sacrificed a normal childhood in exchange for cooking, sewing and scolding, and finds it difficult to love the little brother that is his responsibility.

Cover of The Way of the House Husband

The Way of the House Husband
By Kousuke Oono

A former yakuza legend leaves it all behind to become your everyday househusband. But it’s not easy to walk away from the gangster life, and what should be mundane household tasks are anything but! He was the fiercest member of the yakuza, a man who left countless underworld legends in his wake. They called him “the Immortal Dragon.” But one day he walked away from it all to travel another path–the path of the househusband! The curtain rises on this cozy yakuza comedy!

Cover of Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket
By Natsuki Takaya

Tohru Honda is an orphaned teenager who comes to live with the Sohma family in exchange for housekeeping duties, but she soon comes to know the family secret.

Cover of A White Rose in Bloom

A White Rose in Bloom
By Seven Seas

A yuri story about romance between girls from the creator of the modern BL classic Classmates: Dou kyu sei! Ruby is a student at an elite European boarding school. Things are going pretty well for her until she finds out that she won’t be able to go home for Christmas. Instead, she’ll be stuck at school with only one other student—the aloof and beautiful Steph—for company. As Ruby tries to understand Steph, she becomes more and more attracted to her. But can she break through Steph’s icy exterior?

Cover of Go for it, Nakamura!

Go for it, Nakamura!
By Syundei

Nakamura has fallen in love-at-first-sight with one of his classmates, Hirose — but there’s a problem: they haven’t actually met yet…and Nakamura is a total klutz who might bungle things before they even begin!

Cover of Ribon no kishi (Princess knight)

Ribon no kishi (Princess knight)
By Osamu Tezuka

In order to inherit her kingdom, Princess Sapphire is raised as a prince, and must fend off usurpers to the crown, evil witches, and jealous goddesses to secure her throne and find her own handsome prince.

Cover of For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only
By HyeKyung Baek

If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, pick this manga up! They are based on the same series written by Cecily von Ziegesar!

Cover of The Color of Earth

The Color of Earth
By Kim Dong Hwa

A young girl, growing up with her mother who owns a tavern, learns about life through village gossip, travelers and many questions.

Cover of Monkey High!

Monkey High!
By Shouko Akira

Haruna Aizawa thinks that school life is just like a monkey mountain–all the monkeys form cliques, get into fights, and get back together again. The school that she just transferred to is no exception. There’s even a boy called Macharu Yamashita who reminds her of a baby monkey! It’s hard enough fitting in at a new school while dealing with family problems… Will Haruna remain jaded and distance herself from everyone around her? Or will Masaru win her over with his monkey magic?

Cover of Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl
By Mari Mancusi

Struggling to fit in after her parents’ divorce sends her from Boston to her grandmother’s house in the country, sixteen-year-old Maddy forms a manga club at school and falls in love through an online fantasy game.

Cover of 86

By Asato Asato

The Merciless Queen, a high-ranking commander unit for the Legion, has finally been taken into custody. Now the Federacy, the United Kingdom, and the Alliance of Wald can conduct a thorough analysis of this special Ameise, which houses the consciousness of Legion developer Zelene Birkenbaum. If their efforts bear fruit, they may learn the secret to stopping the Legion once and for all! In the meantime, the Federacy has decided to rest its battle-worn blades. The Eighty-Sixth Strike Package has been allowed leave for the first time in ages. As they arrive in the Alliance of Wald’s territory, they are able to step away from the iron and blood and enjoy a rare vacation! And it seems that two members of the Strike Package are getting a bit cozier than the rest.

Cover of Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina
By Jougi Shiraishi

Once upon a time, there was a witch named Elaina who set off on a journey across the world. Along the way, she would meet all kinds of people, from a country full of witches to a giant in love with his own muscles. With each meeting, Elaina would become a small part of their stories, and her own world would get a little bit bigger.

Cover of Clockwork Planet

Clockwork Planet
By Yuu Kamiya

One day, the world ended–so we built a new one. Everything on Earth, even gravity itself, is now powered by endlessly intricate clockwork. Young machine-lover Naoto Miuta dreams of becoming a master clocksmith, working with the wonders of this artificial planet. When one of those wonders comes crashing right through his ceiling, he gets more than he bargained for. Armed with a supernatural sense of hearing and a beautiful robotic ally, Naoto just might be the best hope to unravel a conspiracy threatening millions of lives.

Cover of Toradora!

By Yuyuko Takemiya

Takasu Ryuuji, who has an unintentionally scary face, finds it difficult to meet girls, until he crosses paths with Aisaka Taiga, whose frightening demeanor makes up for her diminutive stature.

Cover of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
By Ao Jyumonji

Haruhiro is mysteriously transported to Grimgar, a fantasy world filled with terrifying monsters, and struggles to survive with his fellow party members as a group of traveling adventurers.

Cover of The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School
By Tsutomu Satou

The year is 2095. Magic has been tamed as another form of technology. Brother and sister Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are just about to start their first year at the renowned First Magic High School of Japan. But the school’s ironclad rules mean that the brilliant Miyuki enters the prestigious Course 1, while her older brother, Tatsuya, is relegated to Course 2–and that’s just the beginning of their troubles!

Cover of Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online
By Reki Kawahara

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