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'What Does the Library Mean to You?'

Posted about 1 month ago by Ryan Dunn

Editor’s note: In this series, Toledo Lucas County Public Library customers speak about what the Library means to them. Their answers are lightly edited and condensed. These interviews took place in the Sylvania Branch.

Angela W., 42, of Sylvania

The Library has always been a very important place in my life, even growing up. My mom took me there. We went to Storytime. Every Saturday was “Library Day.” For me, I was one of the wanderers. I wandered the stacks looking at titles. I’m a book lover. I like the feel. I like the pages. I like to look at designs.

Staff do a fantastic job here. They know my kids’ names. It’s just an important part of our family.
Angela W.

It’s something I ingrained in my own kids. We came to Storytime with the older ones, and are now doing the same thing all over again with the little ones. The programming is fantastic. Both of our little ones absolutely love it. The Library has had a major impact for my son in readiness and socialization. For us, it provides that way to get them immersed and interacting.

Staff do a fantastic job here. They know my kids’ names. It’s just an important part of our family. Reading is where it begins.

Kathie J., of Sylvania Township

I am recently retired. What I enjoy so much is I can come to the Library, select books and hold them in my hand. But I enjoy audiobooks on Libby the most. I am always able to do my hands-on tasks at home and listen at the same time. It’s very comforting.

I love the fact that I can take care of business. It’s like an office. I have great assistance. People here are so kind and patient.

I just love it. It’s like my second home.