What To Watch After Bridgerton

Posted on January 19, 2021

by Brooke C

If you’re like me, you’ve finished season one of Bridgerton and are impatiently waiting for news of season two. You need more of the lavish costumes, beautiful sets, and spicy (sometimes scandalous) love affairs. Lady Whistledown’s future, and now known identity, are also of the utmost importance.

While I can’t fast-track that news, I can offer some viewing suggestions that might help pass time until we are back in touch with the ladies Bridgerton. Many are period pieces, most feature grand costumes, and all are heavy on drama and romance.

Cover of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

If you found yourself loving Lady Whistledown’s newsletters, this might be the next series for you to watch. While it is not a period piece, there is plenty of gossip-induced drama and scandal.

Cover of The Great

The Great

Set in Russia in the 1700’s, The Great is a take on the life of Catherine the Great. While it may be lacking in historical accuracy, it is heavy on elaborate costumes and dramatic storyline.

Cover of The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess

Following the life of Catherine of Aragon before her marriage to King Henry VIII, The Spanish Princess offers a different view of the Tudors. Like Bridgerton, it offers a more diverse cast than is typically seen in period pieces.

Cover of Outlander


This show will offer you battles mixed in with your romance and top it all off with a little time travel. If the fashion in Bridgeton was your thing, this 1740’s Scottish Highlander and World War II nurse won’t disappoint.

Cover of Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

This short series focuses on Becky Sharp, a young woman in the 1840s trying to climb the social ladder. She’s definitely not the typical woman of that time period and will do pretty much anything to get what she wants.

Cover of Belgravia


If you wondered what could have come from that one “medical situation” in Bridgerton, take a look at Belgravia. You’ll get a look at the 1940’s social scene, intense love affairs, and a big secret or two.

Cover of Poldark


Romance was alive and well in Bridgerton, and it’s front and center in Poldark too. A British Army Officer returns home after fighting in the American Revolution and begins to rebuild his life, complete with all the cliché romantic gestures and situations you can think of

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