What’s in the Egg? Picture Books Featuring Eggs

Posted on April 11, 2019

by Patti L

An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni

An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni

Who wouldn’t wonder what is inside a mysterious egg? An adventurous frog living on an island finds an egg and she and her two frog friends know what the hatched animal is – or do they?

Jessica is the wandering frog, full of imagination and wonder as she discovers new things on the island. Simple pebbles excite her, but her two friends, Marilyn and August, are not impressed with her finds. However, her friends are very interested when Jessica brings home what she thinks is a huge, perfect pebble. “It’s an egg. A chicken egg.” reports the all-knowing Marilyn. But when the egg hatches, readers are in for a surprise.

Gentle humor and a sweet story about friendship make this book a delightful choice for any child. Lionni’s colorful illustrations bring readers up close to the animals so you feel as if you’re part of the story.

An Extraordinary Egg” by Leo Lionni is but one of the amazing books from the 101 Picture Book Challenge.

Check These Out! More Picture Books Featuring Animals and Eggs

Chickens aren't the only ones / by Ruth Heller
Chickens aren’t the only ones by Ruth Heller

A pictorial introduction to the animals that lay eggs, including chickens as well as other birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, and even a few mammals.

Eggs 1 2 3 : who will the babies be? / Janet Halfmann
Eggs 1 2 3 : who will the babies be? By Janet Halfmann

Young readers may lift the flaps of the pages to reveal a penguin egg and ends with an ostrich’s clutch of eggs that introduce the numbers from one to ten.

P. Zonka lays an egg / Julie Paschkis
P. Zonka lays an egg by Julie Paschkis

All of the chickens in the farmyard lay eggs regularly — all except for P. Zonka, that is. She’s too busy looking at the colors of the world around her. The other chickens think P. Zonka’s just lazy until she lays the most beautiful egg they’ve ever seen.

Peep and egg: I'm not hatching/Laura Gehl
Peep and Egg : I’m not hatching by Laura Gehl

Peep can’t wait for Egg to hatch. They will have so much fun together! But Egg isn’t quite ready…yet.

George and the dinosaur/Felix Hayes
George and the Dinosaur by Felix Hayes

George likes digging in his backyard. He finds all sorts of things, including some gems, a sword, a pirate’s peg leg and, best of all, a dinosaur egg! When it hatches George thinks he has found the perfect pet…until the baby dinosaur starts eating. First, it’s only the contents of the refrigerator. Then it’s everything in the living room! Is there anything that can stop his hungry dino’s appetite?

Mother Bruce/Ryan T. Higgins
Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

Bruce is a grumpy bear who likes no one and nothing but cooked eggs, but when some eggs he was planning to boil hatch and the goslings believe he is their mother, he must try to make the best of the situation.

This book is another great book that appears on the 101 Picture Book Challenge list.

Am I yours?/Alex Latimer
Am I yours? by Alex Latimer

Some friendly dinosaurs must help a lost egg after it’s blown out of its nest. But if they are to reunite the little egg with its true parents, they must first discover what kind of dinosaur lies inside.

Ed's egg/David Bedford
Ed’s egg by David Bedford

Ed loves his egg and is not at all sure that he wants to leave it, but when he finally gives it up he discovers that there is something better.

What is the 101 Picture Book Challenge?

101 Picture Book Challenge - Toledo Lucas County Public Library

The 101 Picture Book Challenge is for anyone at any age. Librarians hand picked the titles on the list which includes classics, new titles and everything in between.

To get started, register online. You can track your progress online or if you prefer a paper log booklet, pick one up at your neighborhood Library. The books are organized into categories but you can read the books in any order and at your own pace. When you read all 101 titles, you earn a free picture book (while supplies last).

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