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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Peer-reviewed summaries on American history, business, English, language arts, health, government, history, social studies, criminal justice, environmental science, literature, politics and religion. Access Now

Ohio Victims Rights

Understandable explanation of rights laws and best practices, and form letters empowering victims to exercise their rights. Access Now

Ohio Legal Help

Containers forms, resources, and attorney information on where to go for assistance while maintaining privacy. The project is guided by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation, the Ohio State Bar

Ohio History Central Encyclopedia

An online encyclopedia that provides information about Ohio's natural history, prehistory, history and evolution through time. Access Now

Ohio Driver Practice Test

Getting ready for the Ohio Permit Test? Take six practice tests with 40 unique questions each in English and en Espanol! Access Now

Ohio Death Certificate Index

Discover an easily-searchable interface from the Ohio History Connection's Ohio Death Certificates (obituaries) from 1913 to 1944. Access Now

O’Reilly for Public Libraries

Prepare for technical certifications using books, videos, case studies, learning paths, and expert playlists covering business, data, design, hardware, IT operations, math, science, engineering, security, software development, user experience, travel, hobbies, web, and mobile.