The Library is here to support parents, caregivers, and educators to help all of our kids become strong readers. Choose the age or need of your reader below or contact us at 419.259.5253 or for help.

A toddler is flipping through the pages of a book while sitting in a chair at a table with other toys, books, and activities.

Infants/toddlers (ages birth – 2) 

A preschooler enjoys making shapes with her index finger with rice held in a red bowl.

Preschoolers (ages 2-5) 

A father reads a book to his two twin boys. He holds the boys in his lap while they all sit in a chair together.

Kindergarten (ages 5-6)

A mother helps hold one side of a book open while her daughter holds the other side open. Together they enjoy reading the book.

Grades K-3

A curly-haired boy reads a book while sitting on top of a children's play area.

Older kids

A teacher smiles at her student as she leans forward to help one of the children with their activity.

Educator resources

A woman is holding a book on her table as she skims through reading its page.

Adult help