10 Scary and Suspenseful Movies without all the Gore

Posted on October 11, 2018

by April S

Scary movies are not for everyone. Some people like creepy or suspenseful storylines, but don’t care for all the gore that are typical with most horror films. I’m one of those people. A really good creepy, suspenseful or scary movie often makes for an engrossing movie experience. You get caught up in the story and before you know it — the clock reads 2 a.m. Oh well, time to go to bed and have nightmares (hopefully not, but a really scary movie may do just that).The movies featured in this blog post may be disturbing (as horror films often are), but they are not filled with a lot of gore. Enjoy!

1. The Birds

The Birds - movie directed by Alfred Hitchock

Starring Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Released in 1963
Not Rated

When Melanie Daniels rolls into Bodega Bay in pursuit of eligible bachelor Mitch Brenner, the small California town is inexplicably attacked by thousands of birds.

2. Village of the Damned

Village of the Damned - 1960 movie directed by Wolf Rilla

Starring George Sanders and Barbara Shelley
Directed by Wolf Rilla
Released in 1960
Not Rated

A shocking tale of strange, emotionless children who plot to destroy their small English village.

3. The Orphanage

The Orphanage - movie presented by Guillermo del Toro and directed by J.A. Bayona

Starring Belén Rueda and Fernando Cayo
Directed by J.A. Bayona
Released in 2007
Rated R

A woman purchases the orphanage she spent her own childhood in, hoping to restore and reopen the long abandoned facility as both a home for herself and her husband and son, and a school for disabled children. However, her son’s imagination seems to run wild in their new home, as he becomes increasingly involved with a group of seemingly imaginary friends.

4. The Babadook

The Babadook - movie written and directed by Jennifer Kent

Starring Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman
Directed by Jennifer Kent
Released in 2014
Not Rated

Amelia is a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called Mister Babadook turns up at her house, she is forced to battle with her son’s deep seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her.

5. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black - movie directed by James Watkins and starring Daniel Radcliffe

Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Janet McTeer
Directed by James Watkins
Released in 2012
Rated PG-13

A young lawyer is ordered to travel to a remote village and sort out a recently deceased client’s papers. While he works alone in the client’s isolated house, he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman who is terrorizing the locals. This leads him on a desperate race against time when he discovers her true intent.

6. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place - movie directed by John Krasinski

Starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski
Directed by John Krasinski
Released in 2018
Rated PG-13

A powerful and evil force threatens to attack a family whenever they make a noise, causing them to plunge into lives of silence. Any move they make, they live with the terrifying threat of being ambushed at any moment. With their existence on the line, they will need to develop a plan to escape their perilous circumstances. The question is whether or not time has already run out on their aspirations to lead normal lives.

7. It Follows

It Follows - movie directed by David Robert Mitchell

Starring Maika Monroe and Keir Gilchrist
Directed by David Robert Mitchell
Released in 2014
Rated R

For nineteen-year-old Jay, the fall should be about school, boys and weekends at the lake. Yet, after a seemingly innocent tryst she suddenly finds herself plagued by nightmarish visions; she can’t shake the sensation that someone, or something, is following her. As the threat closes in, Jay and her friends must somehow escape the horrors that are only a few steps behind.

8. Insidious

Insidious - movie directed by James Wan

Starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins
Directed by James Wan
Released in 2010
Rated PG-13

Josh and Renai have a happy family, until tragedy strikes their young son, and he begins to experience things that science cannot explain. Now they must try to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

9. Before I Wake

Before I Wake - movie directed by Mike Flanagan

Starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane
Directed by Mike Flanagan
Released in 2016
Rated PG-13

A young couple adopt an orphaned child whose dreams and nightmares become reality as he sleeps.

10. The Others

The Others - movie directed by Alejondro Amenábar

Starring Nicole Kidman and Christopher Eccleston
Directed by Alejondro Amenábar
Released in 2001
Rated PG-13

While awaiting her husband’s return from war, Grace and her two young children live an unusually isolated existence behind the locked doors and drawn curtains of a secluded island mansion. Then, after three mysterious servants arrive and it becomes chillingly clear that there is far more to this house than can be seen, Grace finds herself in a terrifying fight to save her children and keep her sanity.


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