8 Humorous Books Featuring Misfits and Their Misadventures

Posted on October 1, 2018

by April S

Welcome to our funny fiction series. We’re highlighting a variety of elements of humorous fiction to help our readers find that next great read (and hopefully a few laughs along the way). This blog post features misfits and their misadventures.

What do you mean by misfits?

The dictionary defines the word misfit as “something that fits badly” or “a person who is not suited or is unable to adjust to the circumstances of his or her particular situation.” The average person may think of a misfit in terms of someone who’s a bit clumsy, eccentric and/or quirky.

The books featured in this blog post are all fiction. They’re chock full of characters that are misfits in every imaginable way – they don’t quite fit in, their decision making skills aren’t the greatest and you’ll definitely find yourself thinking – “why would anyone do that?” The stories are funny, offbeat, engaging and witty. They’re designed to make the reader laugh – and are absolutely hilarious!

3 Words that describe these books …

Funny, Quirky and Witty

1. The Salmon of Doubt : Hitchhiking the Universe One Last Time by Douglas Adams

The Salmon of doubt : hitchhiking the universe one last time / Douglas Adams

A final installment in the series that began with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is taken from the late author’s previously unpublished personal files and features the same offbeat adventures of Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, and their companions.

Amazon: 4.5* | Goodreads: 3.92*

  • Genre: Humorous Stories, Science Fiction
  • Character: Quirky
  • Subject: Detectives, Misadventures, Time Travel
  • Tone: Funny
  • Writing Style: Witty

If you enjoyed The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams, you may also like …

The lost time accidents / John Wray
Man in the empty suit / Sean Ferrell
The strange affair of Spring Heeled Jack / Mark Hodder
How to live safely in a science fictional universe / Charles Yu

2. No Phule Like an Old Phule by Robert Aspirin with Peter J. Heck

No Phule like an old Phule / Robert Asprin ; with Peter J. Heck

Determined to kick Phule out of the Space Legion, General Blitzkrieg sends a team of environmental investigators to uncover the truth about Phule and his Omega Company, which is currently hosting a group of big-game hunters out to bag a dinosaur on Zenobia. This book is part of a series: Phule’s Company, book 5.

Amazon: 4.0* | Goodreads: 3.78*

  • Genre: Humorous Stories, Science Fiction
  • Subject: Aliens, Misfits, Space Warfare
  • Storyline: Plot-driven
  • Tone: Funny

If you enjoyed No Phule Like an Old Phule by Robert Aspirin you may also like …

The Wizard of Karres / Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, Dave Freer
The rapture of the nerds / Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross
Callahan's Key / Spider Robinson
Terminal alliance / Jim C. Hines

3. Lunatics by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel

Lunatics / Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel

An uproarious tale told in alternating voices follows the stories of a pet shop owner and a curmudgeon who find themselves on the run from police, terrorists, and a pizza chain mascot.

Amazon: 4* | Goodreads: 3.56*

  • Genre: Humorous Stories
  • Subject: Misadventures, Voyages and Travels
  • Tone: Funny, Offbeat

If you enjoyed Lunatics by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel, you may also like …

My Italian bulldozer / Alexander McCall Smith
Thud! : a novel of Discworld / Terry Pratchett
Do butlers burgle banks? by P. G. Wodehouse
Razor Girl by Carl Hiassen

4. The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

Dahlia Moss, unemployed and at the end of her rope, accepts a new job that will lead her to murder, a massive online game, and maybe even love.

Amazon: 3.9* | Goodreads: 3.62*

  • Genre: Coming-of-age-stories, Mysteries
  • Character: Authentic, Likable, Quirky
  • Subject: Misfits, Amateur Detectives
  • Tone: Funny
  • Writing style: Engaging, Witty

If you enjoyed The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone, you may also like …

The all-girl filling station's last reunion : a novel / Fannie Flagg
The biology of luck / Jacob M. Appel
In your dreams / Tom Holt
Stuff to die for : a novel / Don Bruns

5. The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland

The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland

Over the course of several months, two retail workers at an office supply superstore–Roger, a divorced, middle-aged “aisles associate” at Staples, and his young co-worker, Bethany, an early twenty-something, former Goth–strike up a unique epistolary friendship, in a novel about love, loneliness, and the offbeat comforts of modern-day life.

Amazon: 3.9* | Goodreads: 3.5*

  • Genre: Diary Novels, Psychological fiction
  • Subject: Misfits, Eccentrics
  • Storyline: Intricately Plotted, Unconventional
  • Tone: Funny
  • Writing Style: Witty

If you enjoyed The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland, you may also like …

The story of Arthur Truluv : a novel / Elizabeth Berg
The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith
The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole, 1999-2001 by Sue Townsend
Us by David Nicholls

6. Dogwalker: Stories by Arthur Bradford

Dogwalker : stories by Arthur Bradford

A collection of short fiction by an O. Henry Award-winning author presents twelve thought-provoking, humorous tales that capture the lives and fortunes of some of society’s colorful misfits and mutants.

Amazon: 3.8* | Goodreads: 3.83*

  • Genre: Humorous stories, Short stories
  • Subject: Misfits, Eccentrics
  • Tone: Darkly Humorous, Offbeat, Thought-provoking

If you enjoyed Dogwalker by Arthur Bradford, you may also like …

Winesburg, Ohio / Sherwood Anderson
Fresh complaint : stories / Jeffrey Eugenides
Tenth of December: stories by George Saunders
Villa incognito / Tom Robbins

7. The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang

The Wangs Vs. The World by Jade Chang

A wealthy but fractured Chinese family loses everything in the financial crisis before embarking on a haphazard but ultimately redemptive journey across America as part of an effort to reclaim ancestral lands in China.

Amazon: 3.3* | Goodreads: 3.3*

  • Genre: Coming of age stories, Misadventures
  • Character: Flawed
  • Tone: Funny, Moving
  • Writing Style: Engaging

If you enjoyed The Wangs vs. the World by Jade Chang, you may also like …

Landline / Rainbow Rowell
Dear American Airlines / Jonathan Miles
Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert
Breathing lessons / Anne Tyler

8. Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple

Today will be different : a novel by Maria Semple

Initiating small changes that she hopes will reverse negative patterns in her life, Eleanor Flood is derailed by her family members’ unethical practices before an encounter with a former colleague triggers dramas that reveal a buried secret. By the author of national best-seller “Where’d You Go, Bernadette.”

Amazon: 3.1* | Goodreads: 3.19*

  • Genre: Domestic fiction, Humorous stories
  • Character: Quirky, Snarky
  • Subject: Misadventures
  • Themes: Comedy of Manners
  • Tone: Offbeat, Sardonic
  • Writing style: Engaging, Witty

If you enjoyed Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple, you may also like …

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine / Gail Honeyman
Casebook : a novel / Mona Simpson
All grown up : [a novel] / Jami Attenberg
The admissions : a novel / Meg Mitchell Moore

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