Best Books for Grades 9-10

Posted on March 24, 2021

by Stefani H

Looking for the perfect after school or spring break read? Check out the following titles for teens in 9th or 10th Grade. A Library card and PIN will be required to access many of the resources listed. Need help with your card or PIN? Contact your nearest location or call 419-259-5200. Need a new card?

Cover of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Large Print   |   Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook   |   Braille

In this first book of the trilogy, Katniss takes her sister’s place as a pledge in the brutal Hunger Games. This sparks a chain of events that will not only change Katniss and her family, but the entirety of Panem. Don’t miss this dystopian classic!

Cover of Swing


Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook

Kwame Alexander is one of my absolute favorite poets, capturing the experiences of his protagonists so that the reader feels them deeply. Noah and Walt are trying to navigate girls, baseball, school, and growing up with the help of some old letters.

Cover of Outrun the Moon

Outrun the Moon

eBook   |   eAudiobook

Mercy Wong finds a way to gain admittance to St. Claire’s School in San Francisco. That’s the hard part, right? Follow Mercy as she follows her dream and see what happens when disaster strikes.

Cover of Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

eBook   |   eAudiobook

Whether you are a fan of horror or new to the genre, this book is for you! Some of the most celebrated voices in the horror world have come together to create an anthology of amazing stories.

Cover of Dread Nation

Dread Nation

eBook   |   eAudiobook

Horror meets science fiction with meaningful messages. Justina Ireland weaves a tale that delves into historical injustices that still plague us today. Great character development combines with zombie action! What’s not to love?

Cover of The Poet X

The Poet X

Large Print   |   Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook

Xiomara has a secret she’s been keeping from her family, even her twin brother. Through poetry, her secret is revealed.

Cover of All American Boys

All American Boys

eBook   |   eAudiobook

This book, told through the eyes of classmates Rashad and Quinn, explores the complexity of race in the United States. Its depiction of police brutality will be hard for some to read, but it’s a good fictional starting point.

Cover of Harbor Me

Harbor Me

Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook

Through our narrator Halley, we get to know five students with learning differences who talk about their lives. This book centers on topics of immigration, race, and incarceration.

Cover of I’ll Give You the Sun

I’ll Give You the Sun

Audiobook   |   eBook

As twins, Noah and Jude have always been inseparable. Then something happens that tears them apart. Hear Noah and Jude tell their stories and realize they are missing important pieces.

Cover of We Were Liars

We Were Liars

Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook

Candace knows that she went to her family’s private island of the coast of Massachusetts with Gat and her cousins. But that is all she remembers. Will she figure out what happened that summer?

Cover of The Geography of You and Me

The Geography of You and Me


This is the perfect book for romance fans! Lucy and Owen meet when they get stuck in an elevator during a blackout. Shortly thereafter, they each discover that they are moving far away from New York. Can this romance blossom despite the odds?

Cover of The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

eBook   |   eAudiobook

Follow Edmund Dantes in this tale of treachery and revenge. Pirates, romance, adventure, and moral puzzles fill this complex book. It’s a classic for a reason!

Cover of Almost American Girl

Almost American Girl

In this graphic memoir, Robin recounts moving to the United States from Korea, choosing her American name, making friends, and much more. This is perfect for anyone who has trouble fitting in or needs to start over unexpectedly.

Cover of Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything

Audiobook   |   eBook   |   eAudiobook

Maddy’s medical condition means she can’t leave the confines of her protected, disinfected house. She notices a boy moving in next door, and her world changes in ways she couldn’t possibly expect. This is a classic high school romance novel with a twist.

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