Editor’s Note

“You will do better in Toledo.” 

This phrase has regained prominence for our region’s makers, doers, and dreamers. It’s on the signs greeting people to Toledo and is found on all manner of shirts, stickers, and banners. It reminds us of our community’s potential and drives us to action. 

At the Library, the “you” is both singular and plural as we work to help individuals and the community as a whole do better.

With 20 locations and Mobile Services, the Library is distinctly positioned to cultivate this better community by being the first place people go when they want to broaden their horizons or connect with one another. 

This means building our services and resources – brick by brick – for a bright future:

We bring essential community services into our buildings.

We take Library services out into the community.

We invest in the next generation of community leaders.

We foster community connections through Library book groups.

The Library is central to the region’s positive momentum with our countywide access, dedicated staff, and numerous resources. In the following pages, you will see how we are bringing the community together so we can all do better in Toledo.   

Check out your library

Check out your library