Knitting a Few Good Yarns: Themed Cozy Mysteries

Posted on December 25, 2018

by April S

The Library has programs and books on a wide range of topics … including knitting and crocheting! We hope you take advantage of these great offerings and check out some really great themed books as well.

Knitting Themed Cozy Mysteries

The titles below include some really good themed cozy mysteries for people who also love to crochet, embroider, knit, sew or weave.

2018 Selections

Purls and poison / Anne Canadeo - Black Sheep Knitting Club - Book 10
Murder, she knit / Peggy Ehrhart - Knit & Nibble Mysteries - Book 1
Dyeing up loose ends / Maggie Sefton - Maggie Sefton Knitting Mysteries - Book 16
On the Hook : A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman - Crochet Mysteries - Book 12
Thread Herrings by Lea Wait - Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries - Book 7

2017 Selections

Murder wears mittens / Sally Goldenbaum
A Knit Before Dying by Sadie Hartwell
Only skein deep / Maggie Sefton
Knit to Kill by Anne Canadeo

2016 and Beyond

Knot the usual suspects : a Haunted Yarn Shop mystery / Molly MacRae
Looming Murder: A Weaving Mystery by Carol Ann Martin
Knit Your Own Murder : A Needlecraft Mystery by Monica Ferris
Better Off Thread : An Embroidery Mystery by Amanda Lee
A Seamless Murder: A magical dressmaking mystery by Melissa Bourbon
Seven Threadly Sins : A Threadville Mystery by Janet Bolin
Let it Snow : A Mystery by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
A Finely Knit Murder by Sally Goldenbaum - Seaside knitters mystery, book 9.

Looking for even more cozy mysteries?

20 Authors Who Write Crocheting, Knitting, Needlework, Quilting and Sewing Themed Cozy Mysteries

  1. Isabella Alan
  2. Janet Bolin
  3. Anne Canadeo
  4. Elizabeth Lynn Casey
  5. Elizabeth Craig
  6. Monica Ferris
  7. Sally Goldenbaum
  8. Betty Hechtman
  9. Amanda Lee
  10. Molly MacRae
  11. Mary Marks
  12. Alexis Morgan
  13. Cate Price
  14. Holly Quinn
  15. Melissa Bourbon Ramirez
  16. Arlene Sachitano
  17. Maggie Sefton
  18. Leeann Sweeney
  19. Terri Thayer
  20. Lea Wait

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