Libraries Change Lives Every Day

Posted on January 31, 2019

by April S

Libraries date back to ancient times. Originally, they were established as a way to archive records. What’s utterly fascinating is that one of the oldest known libraries arranged tablets by subject and developed a system for “classification and cataloging for easier retrieval.” Which means ancient civilizations realized libraries were key to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

Americans strongly value the role of public libraries in their communities, both for providing access to materials and resources and for promoting literacy and improving the overall quality of life. Most Americans say they have only had positive experiences at public libraries, and value a range of library resources and services. ~ Pew Research Center

Libraries have the power to change lives in so many ways, so when you hear someone say libraries provide “life-changing services” it’s not just a sound bite. The Library has always been at the forefront of the pursuit of knowledge and in doing so have played a key role in enriching the lives of everyday citizens.

5 Life Changing Library Services

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1. Databases

Libraries provide access to quality information that you can trust through their database subscriptions. And knowledge is power. How so you ask? Knowledge, or lack thereof, can shape the way someone looks at the world and ultimately may determine whether or not a person thrives or languishes in today’s fast-paced world.

Databases cover a variety of topics that people may not know about:

  • Job skills
  • Test prep
  • Antiques
  • Car repair
  • Product reviews
  • Investments
  • Market research
  • Learn a new language

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2. Digitization / Preservation

The Library has always played an active role in preserving information to ensure access for future generations. Whether it’s through archival projects like digitizing school yearbooks or creating a digital community photo album or even helping the public preserve precious family memories – the Library has always found a way to help!

Great Library services people may not know about:

  • Film to digital converters
  • VHS to DVD converters
  • Digitization services
  • Cameras/Camcorders
  • Editing software

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3. Programs for All Ages

Libraries offer an array of programs designed to enhance the lives of the community in which they serve. From storytimes to poetry programs to clubs that bring people together to learn and connect – the Library has something for everyone!

Great Library programs people may not know about:

  • Coding
  • Yoga
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Arts & crafts
  • Read to a therapy dog
  • Computer basics
  • Self defense training
  • Cooking classes
  • Film series
  • Writing workshops

To learn more about upcoming programs visit us online or call 419.259.5200.

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4. Early Literacy

When people think of early literacy they may not immediately think of the Library, but they should. Libraries provide programs, services and materials that help to support life-long literacy skills. And did you know early exposure to reading plays a critical role in child development?

The Library’s Ready to Read program stresses how critical the years before kindergarten are for the development of children’s reading ability, and how the language and word skills a child is exposed to during that time period will play a significant role in how successful that child will be in school, and in life.

The Library supports early literacy in so many ways, here are just a few:

  • Traditional and interactive storytimes
  • Digital literacy for preschoolers
  • A wide variety of Library materials
  • Parent/teacher resources

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5. eMedia

Libraries provide access to a wide-variety of digital content and/or eMedia. From educational content to thought-provoking documentaries to entertainment options – the Library has something for everyone!

Library eMedia content people may not know about:

  • Read-alongs (books with accompanying audio)
  • Animated picture books
  • eBooks for all ages
  • eMagazines
  • eAudiobooks
  • Digital Movies and television programs
  • Digital Music

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6. Librarians

Okay, I know what you’re going to say – librarians are people, not services. And yes, that’s true, but librarians provide amazing customer service every single day. Most people think librarians read all day, but that’s simply untrue. Librarians have a variety of roles in the Library world. Below you’ll find just a few ways librarians working in a public library setting help customers on a daily basis.

Ways Librarians help customers:

  • Information literacy
  • Readers’ advisory
  • Computers
  • Tech help
  • Jobs / resumes
  • Research assistance
  • Outreach
  • Programming

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