13 Important Books for Rare Disease Day

Posted on February 28, 2023

by Sam P

Rare Disease Day is a global movement working toward equity in healthcare for those living with a rare disease. It is observed on February 28 (or 29 on leap years).

Categorizing something like a disease as “rare” may imply that the number of people affected is insignificant. When we see a number like 3.5 – 5.9% of the population has a rare disease, it’s easy to view that as a small number. In translation, however, that seemingly small percentage equates to 300 million people living with these rare condition, according to the European Organization for Rare Diseases. Below are some books for all ages that represent different elements of living with a rare disease or knowing someone who does.

Additionally, Toledo Lucas County Public Library is dedicated to serving the community which is why we have more than books! Check out Social Services to learn more about our community partners in healthcare. If you are part of a local organization aligned with supporting those living with rare diseases and feel we can assist you, consider booking a community room or filling out a partnership request.


Memoirs share first-hand accounts of both those living with rare diseases as well as those who care about them.

On Care and Coping

Whether you or someone you know is living with a rare disease, coping with the emotional stress of a diagnosis is also important.

For Youth