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Women’s History for Kids on hoopla

Through your TLCPL hoopla account, share the uplifting stories and inspiring accomplishments of heroic women with your young readers and encourage them to dream beyond the feats of the past and into a future full of promise.

Biographies for Grades PreK-3

Who was the first Black woman in space? Who invented crayons? Explore colorful life stories with preschool and early elementary students.

Feed Your Harriet Need

Now that I’ve seen the biopic Harriet and have a taste for who this incredible woman was - I’ve begun searching for more information about her life, and wanted to share some recommended reading (and viewing).

Rachel Recommends: 2019 Spring Edition

The long climb from spring to sandal season requires a little pampering of the spirit. This list should not incite tension or anxiety, but, rather a sense of mellow peace.

4 Episodes to Get You Hooked on Podcasts

If you aren’t already a podcast listener, it can be a little daunting to look at all the podcasts available. Here are 4 great episodes from some of my favorite podcasts to get you started.

Two Librarians, Too Many Books: It’s Women’s History Month, Y’all!

It’s Women’s History Month, y’all! I, for one, can’t think of a worthier topic to chat endlessly about. So in celebration, Katie and I got together to talk about the female authors who have captivated us through the written word and inspired us in our own lives. The following conversation is a lightly-edited-for-clarity transcription of that chat.

Bob Dylan Turns 75

Bob Dylan turns 75! Continue reading to learn more about this timeless musician.