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15 Tony Award Winners

This Sunday night is the 76th Tony Awards, the biggest night in American theater. Or at least the biggest night in a certain fourteen-square-block section of American theater.

10 of the Best Angela Lansbury Movies

Jessica Fletcher, a talking teapot, Sweeney Todd's enterprising neighbor -- Angela Lansbury was different things to different people, but she was always beloved.

More Plays by Black Playwrights

Much of the most vital writing in the American theater today is coming from Black playwrights. Let the library acquaint you with a few

Music and Dancing and All That Jazz

If it weren't for iconic dancer and choreographer Ann Reinking, there'd be an Ann Reinking-shaped hole in the middle of American culture -- and in the middle of the movie "Annie."

So You Still Say You Hate Musicals

Thanks to the new streaming movie, everyone's talking about Hamilton again. But you feel left out of the conversation because you hate musicals. Let us help.

Theater Nerds Unite

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the musical West Side Story by exploring library materials that might be of interest to theater geeks.

Best Nonfiction Books of 2016

The best of the best in biographies, memoirs, business, leadership, history, poetry, science, and general nonfiction books of the year.