Off the Shelf summer 2024 cover depicts books sitting on a wooden swing.
Off the Shelf winter 2024 cover that shows three stacked books decorated with green foliage on the left and yellow foliage on the right.
Off the Shelf fall 2023 cover that shows a colorful array of twenty-five kids books from left to right and top to bottom. Colors go from yellow, orange, pink, to red, blue, and green.
Off the Shelf summer 2023 cover that has several books propped up on a blue lawn chair with three sunflowers stacked next to the books.
Off the Shelf winter 2023 cover of a red TLCPL mug with white polka dots sitting on top of a pile of books.
Off the Shelf fall 2022 cover of a brick sidewalk with a chalk bear popping out of the ground.
Off the shelf summer 2022 cover of a blue sky with a red heart-shaped TLCPL balloon.
Off the Shelf winter 2022 cover of a baby sleeping surrounded by books.
Off the Shelf fall 2021 cover of a child reaching for a book flying above.