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Interesting Stories for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Posted about 1 month ago by Katie M

Posted in eBooks and Audiobooks, Nonfiction, Outdoors, Sports and Travel and Wellness: Fitness, Health and Spirituality | Tagged with adventure, adventurers, biographies, climbing, drama, hermits, hiking, memoirs, mountaineers, nature, outdoors, solitude, survival stories, true crime and unsolved mysteries

From living secluded in a tent for almost three decades, to climbing a 3,200 foot wall without ropes, this list highlights some of my favorite titles where people do some really incredible (and maybe a few ill-advised) things outside.

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Afternoon with the Monster: 200 Years of Frankenstein

Posted 12 months ago by Rebecca S

Posted in Fiction, Graphic Novels and Poetry, History and Politics and Movies and Music | Tagged with classic films, drama, events, Frankenstein, Horror Fiction, monster movies, Sci-Fi and Young Frankenstein

Originally published anonymously on January 1, 1818, the legend of how Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley first conceived of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is as famous as the Monster it immortalized.

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Plays by African-American Playwrights

Posted about 1 year ago by Eric P

Posted in Culture and Diversity, eBooks and Audiobooks, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Poetry and Movies and Music | Tagged with African American History, African American playwrights, African-American plays, American drama, Black History Month, drama, Historical Drama, plays, poetry and theater

For decades, African-American playwrights have pushed the American theater to embrace bold, daring and popular new forms and have, in the process, contributed some of the most enduring stories and characters in the American literary canon. The library has on its shelves an assortment of scripts from this robust tradition.

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