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Babies vs. Babytime

Posted 5 months ago by Heidi Y.

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Babies are wonderful, beautiful and thoroughly amazing human beings. Baby storytime gives babies and their caregivers the chance of developing early literacy skills together at the library.

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The Art of Storytelling: 5 Tips on Crafting Compelling Storylines

Posted 6 months ago by April S

Posted in Arts, Crafts and Hobbies, eBooks and Audiobooks, Education, Nonfiction and Writing and Publishing | Tagged with authorship - technique, creative writing, dialogue, NaNoWriMo, narration, National Novel Writing Month, storylines, storytelling, writing, writing skills, writing style and writing tips

Tips and resources to help you craft compelling storylines and draft dynamic dialogue.

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National Day of Listening

Posted 11 months ago by April S

Posted in Children and Parenting, eBooks and Audiobooks, History and Politics, Movies and Music and Wellness: Fitness, Health and Spirituality | Tagged with active listening, African American Oral History Collection, American culture, anecdotes, children, communication skills, conversation, family, family histories, fatherhood, fathers , friendship, good listener, gratitude, inspirational, interviews, LGBTQ, listening, listening skills, local history, Lucas County, motherhood, mothers, National Day of Listening, NPR, Oral History, personal narratives, relationships, social life and customs, stories, storytelling, Toledo History and Toledo Ohio

The National Day of Listening is an opportunity to sit down to have a face to face conversation - and really listen.

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