Small Business Launch: The Easy Jump by Eddie Jones

Though the Easy Jump is only one of Eddie Jones’ many mechanical or engineering pursuits, it is his first foray into entrepreneurship. What he has found most surprising about this new small business journey is people’s reactions. From his initial drawings to today, only about a year and a half has elapsed – remarkable progress for a product of significant size that takes some manufacturing know-how…

Small Business Launch: Building Up Seniors in Tech by Alondria Wright

Before becoming a small business owner, Alondria Wright fielded support requests for a local technical service provider. “People were upset and frustrated, and I felt like as I listened to more and more senior citizens to call into my line, I felt rushed to get them the help that they needed.” Feeling limited by the extent to which she could help seniors in that role, Wright got an idea…

3 Was the Magic Number

De La Soul, featuring the late David Jolicoeur, so thoroughly reimagined hip hop that their records sounded like transmissions from another reality. Plug Two, over and out.

The Holding Project

What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel unsafe? These questions are the basis for an ongoing and expansive public art project called The Holding Project.

Ability Awareness: Teen Book List

Want to gain a better understanding of younger characters that have disabilities? Check out these titles about youths who defied normal.