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World Nursery Rhyme Week

Help children learn to read by celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week singing or rhyming your favorite rhymes!

Ready to Read Early Literacy Tip 5- Playing

Parents and caregivers, save the chores for later, you have important work to do by playing! This month, Ready to Read's blog is all about play and how doing just that will help your child build essential early literacy skills for future reading success!

Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up, here are some books about moms.

Ready to Read Early Literacy Tip 4- Writing

In this month's Ready to Read blog, we explore writing. Writing begins at birth! Learn tips and tricks on building fine motor skills to get your little one ready for future school success!

Ready to Read Early Literacy Tip 3- Reading

There are so many benefits to reading to your child, but did you know that reading to infants is one of the best ways to start building early literacy skills? This month's Ready to Read blog includes reading tips and research that shows it's never too early to start reading!

Ready to Read Early Literacy Tip 2- Singing

Parents and caregivers, warm up your voices! It's time to sing! In this month's Ready to Read blog, learn about all the ways that singing has positive impacts on the success of your future reader.

Ready to Read Early Literacy Tip 1-Talking

The more words children hear before they enter kindergarten the better readers they will become. Check out this month's Ready to Read blog on all the ways talking benefits early literacy!

Learning to Read Begins at Birth!

Many families are looking for the best ways to help their little one be ready to read. With so many resources available, it can seem overwhelming but the Ready to Read librarians are here to assist.

Picture Books That Introduce Sensitive Topics

A selection of endearing stories for young children that focus on a variety of topics like family, friends, gender identity, individuality, love, marriage, tolerance, self-acceptance, kindness, respect, mental disabilities, nonconformity, teasing, social issues, emotions, immigrants, racism, friendship and courage.

Good Day, Good Reads

Some days are good; some days aren't. As this picture book makes clear, it's as simple -- and as complicated -- as that.

Babies vs Babytime

Babies are wonderful, beautiful and thoroughly amazing human beings. Baby storytime gives babies and their caregivers the chance of developing early literacy skills together at the library.

Building Great Learners Starts With Reading

Since its inception in April 2014, the Ready to Read program has provided more than 4,000 parents and childcare providers with free kits and training, impacting the lives of more than 10,000 children.