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Main Library

325 Michigan Street
Toledo, Ohio 43604

Street Map of Main Library Branch

Welcome to Main Library

Main Library Manager

Meg Delaney

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Welcome! In addition to serving the downtown neighborhood, we are the flagship and central resource for the whole system. Our expert staff has deep expertise to help you with researching your current hot topic, finding a good book to read and helping you navigate technology.

Come for the information and be inspired by the amazing spaces in which you can relax, take a class, or do some work. We’re here for every stage of your life – what do you need today?

Main Library Departments

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Business & Workforce

available by appointment

Maybe you want to follow your life's passion. Maybe you see a business need in your community. Our expert staff is ready to help you:

  • Learn about the business you're interested in
  • Know your competition
  • Define your overall goals
  • Create a business plan

We also have dozens of great business research tools and materials that you can access for free with your Library card. Need help getting started? To make an appointment or for more information about Business & Workforce, email Manager David Topoleski.

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Saloff Children's Library

and Teen space

Located on the second floor, our Saloff Children's Library is the perfect place to bring young ones for fun, learning and play! Enjoy features like the Rainbow Fish Tank and the Mystery Wall and explore signature areas including:

  • The Susan M. Savage Family Place: Creativity Lab
  • The Dorothy Louise Kyler Foundation Children's Computer Center
  • The Joseph and Judith Conda Family School Readiness Room
  • ProMedica Picture Book Room
  • Jennifer Fisher Nancy Drew Collection

Teen Space:
Located on the first floor, our new teen space is a great place for junior high and high school students to hang out with friends, play video games and grab the latest graphic novel or book series.

For more information about our children and teen spaces at Main Library, contact Manager Mary Rava Miller.

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Computers & Media

on the first floor

Check out your favorite movie, music album or TV show, use one of our public computers or attend a technology training in our new Teaching Lab. To learn more about Computers & Media, contact Manager Terwase Ngur.

Make an appointment with our experts at Main Library:
Monday - Saturday, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Making and Studio Equipment:
Record your next hit at the Library! Our Main Library location features an incredible range of audio and video equipment, studio space, 3D and large format printers, Cricut machines and other great tools for making. To learn more about making at the Library, contact Assistant Manager Rebecca Ransberger.

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Fact & Fiction

on the first floor

Located on the first floor, the Fact & Fiction Department is here to help you find your next great read! With a large collection of books, magazines, historical periodicals, and government documents - we have something for everyone.

Our Librarians are also available for one-on-one consultations for in-depth reference and research questions. Email to make an appointment.

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Browse Local History

Local History & Genealogy

on the third floor

Find resources and services offered through our Local History & Genealogy Department including digital collections and exhibits, obituaries, digitization services and our new Community Photo Album.

  • The Blade Rare Book Room
  • Rogowski-Kaptur Labor History Room
  • Digitization lab

Email our Local History & Genealogy Department or call 419.259.5200 to start learning and researching today!

Browse Local History

Main Library Features


As hundreds-of-thousands of men were sent off to war in 1942, women were called to action. As they entered factories, enlisted in the military, and undertook positions that ensured the safety of both the American people and its economy, the country’s perception of the American woman began to change. This exhibit highlights the monumental roles that women played in World War II, on both the national and local front, through an array of photos, periodicals, and documents from the Library's collection.

Exhibit located in the Fact and Fiction Department at Main Library and viewable during Library hours listed at the top of this page.

Upcoming Programs

Steinem Sisters Collection

The Steinem Sisters Collection is a feminist collection that explores the lives and achievements of women. Created to honor Gloria Steinem, the collection champions the historical, cultural and political contribution of women; and strives to provide a welcoming space for women of all walks of life to share their truths. The types of materials we collect are first and foremost “feminist materials”- which are those materials that uphold women’s rights and interests in defining and promoting political, economic, personal and social equality of the sexes. This collection was made possible due to a generous donation by The Steinem’s Sisters Collective. Read a statement from the Steinem Sisters Advisory Board.

Donate to the Steinem Sisters Collection Fund. To learn more about the Steinem Sisters Collection, contact Assistant Manager Rebecca Stanwick.

Sign up for the Steinem Sisters newsletter.

Upcoming Programs
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Passport Services

Passport services available by appointment only. Call 419.259.5200 for a Main Library appointment. Call 419.882.2089 for a Sylvania Branch appointment.

We are a full service Passport Acceptance Agency. We can assist with forms and file the paperwork with the Department of State. At this time, we can not take your photograph. Use our checklist below to ensure you have everything you need for your appointment.

Passport services available by appointment at:

Main Library


Monday – Thursday 10 a.m – 6:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Sarnies at the Library


Service at Sarnies is suspended due to decreased dining demand. We hope to welcome them back when more people are dining out again.

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Thursdays | noon - 3 p.m.
Saturdays | 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Call 419-481-5561 to schedule your time!

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Staff and History

Main Library Managers

Main Library Manager

Meg Delaney

Email Meg

Business & Workforce Manager

David Topoleski

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Children's Library Manager

Mary Rava Miller

Email Mary Rava

Computers & Media Manager

Fact & Fiction Manager

Erin Connolly

Email Erin

Local History & Genealogy Manager

Jill Clever

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History & Renovation

Main Library has been a downtown Toledo landmark since it opened on September 5, 1940. Today, more than half-a-million visitors check out nearly one million items annually. In addition to a large collection of books, CDs, videos, DVDs and reference materials, Main Library offers ample community meeting spaces, the Blade Rare Book Room and the Creativity Lab: the Susan M. Savage Family Place.

In 2001, Main Library was expanded to 271,000-square feet. In 2019, it underwent its latest renovation which added making equipment, studio space, a cafe, gallery and store on the first floor, as well as additional meeting and work space on the parking level and first floor. The Children's Library also received a substantial renovation to add more value to young Library customers.