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Creative Writing Workshops Return!

Whether you have a new creative piece you've been working on or you have been itching for the inspiration to begin writing, our upcoming writing workshops may be the place for you.

Volunteering for All Ages: How 14 Toledo Girls Found a Way to Help Do Their Part During WWII

The Girls' Activity Friendship Society, a club created by fourteen young girls from Glenwood School in 1943, is not only emblematic of the perseverance by all during the wartime effort, but it also can serve as inspiration to help the Toledo community during current and future hard times. Read more to learn about the GAFS as well as reading suggestions and local volunteer opportunities.

NaNoWriMo Writing Workshops at TLCPL!

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the Library’s writing workshops will be participating to help you reach your goals. Read further for more information about the month-long challenge, the workshops and the Library’s accessible resources for writers.

WWII Propaganda: How Images of Women Made the Difference

With thousands of men enlisted into the war effort, contributions by women were tested. See how American government propaganda not only encouraged women to support the war effort but also reminded women – and the entire country – of their value in dire times.

Writing Workshops Return!

Want to share a piece of your most recent poetry or prose as well as hone your skills as a writer? Registering for one of our weekly writing workshops may be the plan for you.