Blog: Patrick C

Super Mario Time!

Whether you want to learn about the origins of the intrepid plumber or want to read stories featuring him, here are 5 super books to prepare you for the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Media Literacy 2020

Arm yourself with the ability to stop sensational, misleading, false news in its tracks. Find the tools and learn the skills employed by the most trusted fact checkers. Be more prepared than ever to not be misled this election season.

Podcasting for Everyone!

Maybe you've listened to some podcasts. Maybe not. But did you know you can make them yourself? The Library has all the information you could want about putting your voice onto the world stage.

Who Wants to Play Video Games?

Most people love video games, and librarians are no exception! Let us lead you on a quest to learn more about the medium and direct you to where you can play some classics.