Blog: Read-Watch-Do

Presidents’ Day for Grades PreK-3

President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It was originally a celebration of George Washington, the first president, but now it is a celebration for all presidents.

Explore Art for PreK-3

Art is anything that is beautiful to look at- it can express ideas or emotions. You can make art out of any material.

Animal Hibernation for PreK-3

What happens to certain animals during the Winter? Some hibernate- they stay in their homes and rest during the cold Winter months.

Snowy Days for PreK-3

What do you like to do when there’s a snowy day? Do you make forts, have a snowball fight, or snuggle up to read?

Stay Healthy for PreK-3

Learn about germs and how doctors help keep us healthy with these eBooks, movies and activities. Use your Library card and PIN to access these resources.

Fire Safety Month

Learn about fire safety and the work firefighters do with these ebooks, movies and activities.


Learn about the life cycle of apples and the story of Johnny Appleseed with these ebooks, movies and activities.

Autumn Leaves

Weekly Themed Digital Resource Collection for grades PreK-3. Learn why leaves change color in the fall with these ebooks, movies and activities.