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Small Business Launch: The Easy Jump by Eddie Jones

Though the Easy Jump is only one of Eddie Jones’ many mechanical or engineering pursuits, it is his first foray into entrepreneurship. What he has found most surprising about this new small business journey is people’s reactions. From his initial drawings to today, only about a year and a half has elapsed – remarkable progress for a product of significant size that takes some manufacturing know-how…

20 Hockey Books for Kids

It's Hockey Night in Toledo as we welcome the Walleye back to the ice. Before enjoying a little family fun at the Huntington Center, be sure to share a few great hockey books with the young skaters and readers in your life.

YA Books Featuring Characters with Mental Illnesses

Struggling with anxiety or any type of mental illness is usually up there with resounding themes of Young Adult Fiction, including first love. That is because our teenage years are often very complicated, especially when mental health issues start to first arise. There are so many other factors that young adults face (besides growing up) that can push anyone over the edge.

Boost Your Resilience – Children’s Edition

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”  This is not an ability we typically associate with young children; instead, we picture the terrible twos, what it’s like

A Happiness Reading List

Here are a few books that may help you keep a lookout for the small moments, practices, and words in life to lift spirits and find the wonder in the world around us.

New Year, Same You

After the dumpster-fire of year of suffering that was 2020, start off fresh in 2021 by rethinking the urge to make resolutions and embrace who you already are.

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change

Even in the best of times change is difficult, and libraries must continually change to stay relevant. The Toledo Lucas County Public Library used key points from William Bridges’ Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change (4th edition, 2016) as a means by which to lead the library system during a year of massive change in 2018-2019.  

Assistance for Nonprofits

If you work with/support a nonprofit that has experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic, your Toledo Lucas County Public Library is here to assist.

Five Books to Movies for Kids on hoopla

For those with children and tweens who prefer YouTube over books, choosing something for them to read that they can also watch, is a great way to encourage reading!

5 Digital Library Resources for the Job-seeker

If you've been displaced as a result of the pandemic or if you are considering a career change, TLCPL has digital resources that you can access for free from home to help navigate the job-seeking landscape.

Get Personalized Reading Recommendations

Have you heard about the Toledo Library's Book Picks service? Get books picked just for you based on what you love, selected by expert librarians - never by robots.

Two Librarians: Quarantined

They're back and with more time on their hands than ever! Join Katie and Allison as they discuss their picks for what to read while quarantined.

Exploring Poetry and Jazz Online

Did you know the month of April is both National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month? Celebrate at home with these digital recommendations!

Online Learning for Adults & Teens

We are all officially tasked with social distancing in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While our 20 locations might be temporarily closed, we’re still open in many ways to our customers –

Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Month. Here are some ways you can use the Library to support your mental health.

Mindfulness and Buddhism 101

Mindfulness, meditation and other Eastern philosophical ideals are everywhere these days. It can be overwhelming to find readable basic information on what true mindfulness really means. Where does one begin? Glad you asked! Start here....

Interesting Stories for Outdoor Enthusiasts

From living secluded in a tent for almost three decades, to climbing a 3,200 foot wall without ropes, this list highlights some of my favorite titles where people do some really incredible (and maybe a few ill-advised) things outside.

Yoga @ the Library

The Library has programs and resources designed to help the entire family on their wellness journey.

The Human-Nature Connection

The Library and Metroparks are great community resources that enrich the quality of life in the communities in which they serve.

A Life Examined: Philosophy for Everyday Life

Philosophy can help you become a better critical thinker, sort through information and live with a sense of meaning. And the Library has resources for all of your philosophical needs!

You Do You

It's never too early or late to take better care of ourselves.

Singing Voicemails

Have you ever saved a voicemail for eight years? I have, and I think it's possible that many of us have a saved voicemail or two, it's just not something we talk about. Before my mom passed away, she would call me every morning around 8:15 and we would talk before I left for work. Then, that tradition ended. One of her voicemails lived on...a long time.

Aging Gracefully

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” – Coco Chanel

A Year Of …

How much can one person accomplish in the span of a year - continue reading to find out.

Fabulously Frugal

Explore a variety of resources designed to help you save money and live a fabulously frugal lifestyle.

New Year, New You

No resolutions necessary! You can always work on improving (fill in the lifestyle issue of your choice); it just takes a bit of time and baby steps in the right direction. Here are some titles that will help.

An Apple A Day

The best part of fall is being able to enjoy fresh apples from local orchards and fall baking of course.