A black car sits parked in a parking spot. Surrounding the car are four orange and white cones. They are there to help practice maneuverability.


You can check out traffic cones at the Library to practice maneuverability for your driving test. The kits can be checked out by both adult and juvenile customers in good standing for 21 days.
Each kit includes five Looper Cones and five bases. Traffic cones are 42 inches high, lightweight, and stack easily when apart from the base. Each cone has a 16-pound base that stacks apart from the cone. To use, simply place the cone and slip the base over the top.
You will need a vehicle large enough to transport the cones. Please do not practice your maneuverability in Library parking lots.

Call or visit any of these locations to request a maneuverability kit. (You can’t request these kits through the catalog.)