New Options for Interacting With Our Digital Content

Posted on February 11, 2019

by John D

Toledo Lucas County Public Library

The Local History and Genealogy department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library continuously tries to discover new, useful, and innovative means of exposing our materials to the public. To that end, we have launched two new efforts to provide access to our materials, and the metadata about our materials.

More Ways to Access the Library’s Digital Collections Online

Internet Archive

Internet Archive
The Internet Archive is a massive digital library that hosts millions of books, photographs, videos, and more to the public, and perhaps is best known for the Wayback Machine, a tool through which you can explore the history of the internet. We have uploaded a total of 57 of our existing eBooks to this platform, to take advantage of the rich user experience available. The book viewer available through their website is a great option for quickly searching or reading. And users are able to download eBooks in a number of highly accessible formats, making it convenient for later use.

Browse the Collection


In the process of uploading materials to our collections in Ohio Memory, we create large amounts of data about these materials, commonly referred to as metadata, to describe them. Information such as titles of books, descriptions of pictures, addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates, dates and decades; all this information gets packaged with the digital materials. However this metadata itself can be of use to those who want to analyze the information for their own research purposes. We are now publishing this metadata under a GNU General Public License v3.0 to make it easily available for anyone’s use.

Access the Metadata

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