Toledo Heights Harvest

Posted on September 30, 2020

by Morgan R

The Library has so many amazing services: Book Bundles, Activities to Go, curbside pick up, and more. But there is one tasty service that you may not know about: our community gardens.

And right now, it’s harvesting time at Toledo Heights.

The Toledo Heights Branch has basil, peppermint, green beans, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, all ready to be picked. Plus, we are growing carrots that will be ready mid-fall. There are also community gardens at Birmingham, Lagrange, Locke, and Maumee branches.

The community garden is a great learning tool for kids. It shows them where vegetables come from and how they grow. And there are even fun activities you can do with the plants. The basil and peppermint are both naturally fragrant, but if you rub the leaves, the scent gets more intense. Why is that? It’s because crushing the plant releases the essential oils. Can you spot pollinators in our garden? Even late into the season, small insects are getting pollen from the blooms on the basil and peppermint.

While you are at the Library picking up materials, pick some veggies too. You can also pick up these books to incorporate with the garden:

Cover of Grow what you love: 12 food plant families to change your life

Grow what you love: 12 food plant families to change your life

Grow What You Love is a simple guide to growing vegetables, herbs and more that will add to the flavor and variety of fresh produce choices throughout the year.

Cover of Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

After working hard on his garden all spring and summer, Rabbit looks forward to harvest time when he can make soup, but every carrot disappears, and Rabbit must find out who has taken them.

Cover of Pizza Day

Pizza Day

A father and son spend a hot summer day together gathering vegetables and herbs, making pizza dough and sauce, and playing while their pizza bakes in the oven.

Cover of Every color soup

Every color soup

Purple, yellow, orange, and red. Just the right mix of colored vegetables make a delicious soup in this tasty introduction to colors, counting, and veggies.

Cover of How Does My Garden Grow?

How Does My Garden Grow?

Sophie lives in the city, and her vegetables come from a supermarket. Then she goes to visit her grandparents in the countryside and soon discovers how much there is to learn about how things grow!

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