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10 Best Business Books of 2018

Posted 6 months ago by April S

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Compelling books on business, capitalism, economics, data mining, leadership and success.

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Sports Roundup

Posted over 2 years ago by Jan C

Posted in eBooks and Audiobooks, Health and Wellness, History and Politics and Nature and Travel | Tagged with baseball, boxing, boxing history, chess, Christianity, football, gymnastics, hockey, inspirational, National Football League, NFL, olympic history, olympics, ski jumping, soccer, sports, sports casting, success and swimming

Do you have a favorite sport or are you one of those sports-in-general fans? One thing’s for sure, if you’re not playing it, or watching it, there’s always something to be learned from sports books and movies.

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Best Nonfiction Books of 2016

Posted over 3 years ago by April S

Posted in Business and Investing, eBooks and Audiobooks, Fiction, Health and Wellness, History and Politics and Nonfiction | Tagged with astronomy, cancer patients, leadership, management, mathematicians, memoir, musicals, nonfiction, poverty, professional development, psychology, race relations, racism, social conditions, social sciences, space race, success and women's history

If you're a fan of nonfiction books, then you'll love this blog post. It includes the best of the best biographies, memoirs, business, leadership, history, poetry, science, and general nonfiction books of 2016. Including selections from notable authors like Shirley Jackson, Trevor Noah, Kevin Young, Adam Grant, Angela Duckworth and many more.

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