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5 Books to Develop Fluency in Young Readers

Fluency is the ability to read with the speed, accuracy, and inflection needed to approximate natural speech patterns. Try these resources as you help strengthen your growing reader's fluency.

Realistic Fiction for Grades 4-5

Read these fictional inspiring stories that resemble realistic situations, issues or experiences that could have happened in real life.A Library card and PIN will be required to access many of the resources listed. Need

Explore Art for PreK-3

Art is anything that is beautiful to look at- it can express ideas or emotions. You can make art out of any material.

Animal Hibernation for PreK-3

What happens to certain animals during the Winter? Some hibernate- they stay in their homes and rest during the cold Winter months.

American Civil War resources for Grades 9-12

Spanning four years and resulting in more than 620,000 American casualties, historians regard the American Civil War as one of the most divisive eras in US history. Let the Library guide you to some excellent resources for furthering your research of this part of our past.

Help for Homeschoolers

Jumping into homeschooling can be challenging! As a librarian who homeschooled my two kids, I have suggestions for Toledo Lucas County Public Library resources to use as you educate your children. 

Zero Waste

Our planet does not have infinite resources and humans are leaving a big, terrible footprint on it. Let us all do our part, tiny bit by tiny bit. 

Homemade Holiday Gifts

Is your wallet hurting from COVID-19 troubles? Do not despair. You and your children can make beautiful homemade gifts to fit every budget.

Encouraging Children to Read

A short guide with tips to keep your children on their reading journey, plus a few recommendations for along the way.

Media Literacy 2020

Arm yourself with the ability to stop sensational, misleading, false news in its tracks. Find the tools and learn the skills employed by the most trusted fact checkers. Be more prepared than ever to not be misled this election season.

Podcasting for Everyone!

Maybe you've listened to some podcasts. Maybe not. But did you know you can make them yourself? The Library has all the information you could want about putting your voice onto the world stage.

The Digital Public Library of America

Learn more about a wonderful free resource for finding more ebooks, helpful school resources, improving your genealogy ability, and just exploring what libraries across America have to offer for free.

5 Digital Library Resources for the Job-seeker

If you've been displaced as a result of the pandemic or if you are considering a career change, TLCPL has digital resources that you can access for free from home to help navigate the job-seeking landscape.

Online Learning for Adults & Teens

We are all officially tasked with social distancing in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While our 20 locations might be temporarily closed, we’re still open in many ways to our customers –

Online Learning for Families & Kids

We are all officially tasked with social distancing in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While our 20 locations might be temporarily closed, we’re still open in many ways to our customers –

How the Library Fixed My Sink (Twice!)

The guide helped me dismantle the faucet and find the small parts that needed replacing. And yes, I did spray water in my face cartoonishly, but only once!

Conservation and Recycling

Recycling, reusing, upcycling and more great ideas for conserving resources and saving the planet in the process.

Libraries are for Leisure

Libraries don't always have to be serious places of quiet study. A lot of what the Library does is about having fun.

Become a Part of Toledo’s History!

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library has launched a program to collect photos from the public to be preserved as part of our local history collections. Contribute your photos (physical or digital) to become a part of Toledo history.

Toledo Streets Newspaper Archive Now Available

The Local History and Genealogy department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has partnered with Toledo Streets, the local nonprofit news organization that helps those experiencing poverty with the opportunity to economically empower themselves. The first 74 issues of the newspaper are now available online through the Library.

Find Information You Can Trust with GVRL

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) provides digital access to a variety of quality eBooks geared towards students, researchers, professionals and general readers.

Haunted House Histories

If you'd like to put together your house's history, put on your detective hat and visit us in the Local History and Genealogy Department at Main Library!

New Digital Photos and How to Decorate With Them for Cheap

The Local History and Genealogy department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library works to make our materials available as widely as possible by scanning books, maps, architectural drawings and photographs. They are made available through our partnership with Ohio Memory - here are some photo collections added in August.

Civic Literacy and Your Library

How do you know whether or not the information you have is credible, accurate, or true? We're here to help you make educated and informed decisions before casting your ballot.

Want Free Stuff? Get The Card!

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Let's take a look at all of the amazing things that come along with being a card holder!

Babe Ruth Signed My Baseball!

Can’t get a ticket for Antiques Roadshow? No problem! Your library has resources to help you identify and value your treasures.

Toledo Jewish News is Now Online!

Learn more about Jewish history in the Toledo area by exploring our newly updated Digital Collections of Northwest Ohio, which now includes the Toledo Jewish News.

Digitizing Local School Yearbooks

Think you escaped your bad yearbook photos? Think again! Many library and archives are digitizing school yearbooks, TLCPL included, and even if you do not want to see your yearbook photos ever again, they are a great resource for genealogy research.

How the Library Helped Me Find My Family

For most of my life, I've know little about my "Grandma Bootsie," whom I lost too soon. I'd always wanted to learn more about this woman so many said I reminded them of, and her Irish family. The Library finally helped me find what I'd been searching for!