Blog: Upper Elementary (4-5)

Social Emotional Learning Resources for Grades 1-5

Social emotional learning (SEL) encourages the development of self control, self awareness and the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in school and life. We hope this collection of library materials will inspire you to think of many ways you can promote social emotional learning among the children in your life.

Best Series Books for Grades 4-5

A book series motivates children to continue reading to see what happens next. This selection highlights the first book in these popular children’s series.

Energy Education for Grades 4-5

In honor of Earth Day, take a deeper look at how we get electricity to power our homes (and lives) and whether there are more sustainable and healthier ways to obtain this resource from the environment.

Mystery Resources for 4-8 Graders

Are you wishing your middle grade reader is into Nancy Drew or the Boxcar Children as much as you were (or are)?! Check out this list of middle grade novels with a tried and

Mysteries for Grades 4-5

Are you ready for some mysteries to keep you warm with anticipation this winter? Check out our list for some ideas on what to read!

Homeschooling Resources for Grades PreK-12

Below are just some of the materials that may be helpful to teaching children at home. Whether you’re new or experienced, there are resources available to help you. The Independent Learner’s Guide to Successful

Biome and Ecosystem Resources for Grades 4-5

Biomes are a large naturally occurring community of plants and animals occupying a habitat. Ecosystems are the interactions between the living things and the non-living things in a biome. Want to learn more? Check out these great resources from your Library!

Landforms Resources for Grades 1-5

Landforms are the features that make up the surface of the Earth. From mountains to valleys, and all the plateaus in between, the library has resources to help you explore landforms.