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10 Incredible Real Life Mysteries

May is National Mystery Month! Learn about incredible heists, mysterious places, disappearances, and unexpected discoveries with these books.

Who Ya Gonna Call? TLCPL!

In case you're in for spooks, specters, or ghosts-- TLCPL has you covered! Check out our inventory of all things Ghostbusters!

10 Vocabulary Building Books for Rising Readers

One of the many ways we can improve reading comprehension is to strengthen children’s vocabulary and background knowledge. Try these tips from the Library's Ready to Read team to raise a confident reader.

9 Television Stars Who Left Us in 2023

Television personalities face the threat of cancellation but also enjoy the possibility of immortality through reruns and binge-watching. In that sense, these nine figures will always be with us.

Brewing Knowledge: 10 Must-Read Books About Kombucha

Dive into the world of kombucha with books that offer a blend of beginner-friendly insights and expert techniques. Uncover the secrets to mastering the art of fermentation and crafting your perfect batch of probiotic goodness.

20 Hockey Books for Kids

It's Hockey Night in Toledo as we welcome the Walleye back to the ice. Before enjoying a little family fun at the Huntington Center, be sure to share a few great hockey books with the young skaters and readers in your life.

5 Books to Help You Knit Socks – The Possibly (Im)perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

Early Christmas morning / Sneaky as can be / I creep across the carpet / And I peek under the tree / Pick out a gift from Mom to me / And bring it to my ear / Give it a little shimmy shake and what do I hear? / Socks / This is the worst gift I ever got / It doesn't beep or buzz or bop or rattle in the box / Hey, why'd you waste the paper on a lousy pair of socks? - J.D. McPherson, 'Socks'

The First: Remembering Sandra Day O’Connor with 5 Books

"Sandra Day O'Connor blazed an historic trail as our nation's first female justice," Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement. "She met that challenge with undaunted determination, indisputable ability, and engaging candor."

15 Titles to Combat Violence Against Women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was November 25. These titles lean on personal experience, statistics, and work being done by women worldwide to end this crisis.

World Nursery Rhyme Week

Help children learn to read by celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week singing or rhyming your favorite rhymes!

LGBTQIA+ Nonfiction for Beginners

Talking about feelings is hard. Talking about feelings when you don't have the right vocabulary to describe them is even harder. And it's hardest when you don't know if those feelings are okay to have. (Hint: They are).

Sinéad O’Connor (1966-2023)

The Irish musician Sinéad O'Connor had one massive hit and a lifetime of influence. Regrettably for those of us who were fans, July 26 was the last day of our acquaintance.

15 Tony Award Winners

This Sunday night is the 76th Tony Awards, the biggest night in American theater. Or at least the biggest night in a certain fourteen-square-block section of American theater.

Leaving Funky Town: So Long, Winkerbean

The newspaper comic strip Funky Winkerbean has been telling stories about its Ohio-based characters day by day for fifty years. But at the end of this month, that all changes.

8 Books to Help You Make Comics

Your one-stop-shop to get you started making your first comic or graphic novel. Writing, storyboarding, drawing, and publishing!

9 Books to Read If You Like Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad saga is wrapping up with the final season of Better Call Saul. If you're looking to recapture the edge of your seat twists and turns that show provides, these are the books for you.

5 Books with Terrible Hotels

Have you ever listened to friends complaining about a disappointing hotel or a vacation spot? Well, the people in these books have entered the chat.

Rethinking World War II 80 Years On

Two University of Toledo professors choose their top book picks for look at how WWII and the events of 1941 are remembered 80 years later. Here are their top book picks.

Inspiring Prison Memoirs

Out of the stark and brutal conditions of prison, come inspiring stories of faith, redemption and hope. Get a glimpse of this world from authors who have lived it.

Humor and Laughter

Humor is something I have shared with family and laughter is a strong glue that binds us. Laughter can help us cope with pain and recover more quickly from hardship.

Children’s Library & Teen Recommends – Summer 2021

Youth Services Librarians love to read, too! Check out what your favorite Children’s and Teen Librarians at Main Library are reading, whether it be a picture book about penguins, a middle grade adventure in a treehouse, vampires in Louisiana, or a time-traveling phone booth!

Discover Dolly!

Here is a selection of available materials at TLCPL of all things Dolly!

End of Life Memoirs

Authors who write about the last months of their lives offer perspective and inspiration.

True Stories of Dreamers

Our vast resources include true stories of immigrants past and present and vital information and resources that Dreamers and new immigrants may need.

Red or White?

Unfortunately, this blog is not about Italian Chianti or Chardonnay. It is about Mother's Day.

Rural Relocation

City dwellers find themselves relocated to new zip codes involving barns, chickens and dirt roads.

Grow Your Own Food at Home

Creating a kitchen garden is not only a fun hobby, but can provide your home with fresh produce all year long.

Ohioana Book Festival Books for Adults

Since its start in 2007, The Ohioana Book Festival provides readers opportunities to connect with Ohio writers. Check out this list of adult titles from the 2021 festival!

A Plethora of Poetry Books to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives every April.

March is Disability Awareness Month

March is a month of many observances.  Though maybe not as well known as Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day or the beginning of spring, Disability Awareness Month is certainly as important.

Books for Bibliophiles

If you've somehow run out of books or recommendations, first of all, I commend you. Second, these titles should help you stock back up.

UFO’s: Out of this World

UFO’s are getting a lot of attention recently. Although I have never seen a UFO, I often look up at the sky hoping one is there! Check out these books, documentaries, and feature movies to open your mind to the world of ufology.

Motivation for Runners

Whether you’re a newbie runner, training for a 5K or going the distance, we’ve got you covered with helpful resources in multiple formats. Runners, take your marks!

Celebrate Toni Morrison Day!

On December 21, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 325 declaring Toni Morrison’s birthday, February 18, Toni Morrison Day in Ohio.

A Happiness Reading List

Here are a few books that may help you keep a lookout for the small moments, practices, and words in life to lift spirits and find the wonder in the world around us.

Homeschooling Resources for Grades PreK-12

Below are just some of the materials that may be helpful to teaching children at home. Whether you’re new or experienced, there are resources available to help you. The Independent Learner’s Guide to Successful

1920s America: A Decade of Great Change

In the Fact and Fiction department at the Main Library we field a variety of questions. Every day brings new inquiries from people doing research and/or folks simply trying to gain a better understanding

New Year’s Intention: Get Organized

Want to leave 2020 in the dust? Set an intention this new year to declutter! A home or workspace in disarray can cause added stress and anxiety that chips away at our mental health.

Wartime Entertainment for the Troops and Their Families

On Veteran’s Day, we honor those who served in the United States military. Among the Library's extensive government documents collection the following listed, physical items are not linked in our catalog and are not available for check out consists of pamphlets, manuals and booklets that were published to aid and support military personnel and their families, most notably during World War II.

Rachel Recommends

“October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.” ~John Sinor

Our Favorite Apple Books

Sit down with your family, one of these books, and a mug of hot apple cider for a fantastic (and warm) fall experience.

Presidents in Picture Books

When you're President of the United States, you not only get use of a plane and an in-house bowling alley, you may also wind up the star of a children's picture book, possibly alongside a talking aardvark.

3:18, The Milky Way And Non-Fiction

The overwhelming consensus for the best viewing of dark sky areas in the U.S. is in the western United States. There is one more place in the U.S. that should be put on the dark sky list and that is in rural Michigan. At 3:18 am to be precise in the farmlands of nowhere, on a cool, clear morning.

Where the Crawdads Sing Read-Alikes by Theme

Since finishing Where the Crawdads Sing, I've scoured the internet looking for an exact replica story to fill the void. As a result, I've put together my own read-alikes - breaking it down into pivotal aspects of the novel.

Spend Your New Year – At the Library

Happy New Year from your Library! Make 2020 your best year yet by taking advantage of the many resources, materials and programs we offer. We hope to see you often!

Exploring Toledo Through Its Architecture

"Architecture of Northwest Ohio," a digital library devoted to sharing and preserving Toledo's rich architectural heritage, hit a milestone of uploading its 100th unique commission.

Flashlight Frenzy Fun

Toledo Library partnering with Metroparks Toledo for another year of Flashlight Frenzy.

Up Lit: 15 Feel Good Fiction Novels

Novels designed to boost your mood and leave you smiling. Up Lit are uplifting, life-affirming stories chock full of humor, hope, kindness, compassion, empathy, love and joy.

25 Fascinating Nonfiction Reads

Let's get real! Interested in crime, history, memoirs and more? We have it all here! Fascinating Nonfiction Reads Autobiographies / Biographies / Memoirs Becoming by Michelle Obama An intimate and uplifting memoir by the