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5 Ways to Commemorate the Summer of Soul

In 1969, over the course of six Sundays the Harlem Cultural Festival was born. Filling Harlem with the mighty sounds of Mahalia Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sly and The Family Stone, and Gladys Knight and the Pips just to name a few.

The First: Remembering Sandra Day O’Connor with 5 Books

"Sandra Day O'Connor blazed an historic trail as our nation's first female justice," Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement. "She met that challenge with undaunted determination, indisputable ability, and engaging candor."

10 Best Flash Comics

Get ready for the Flash’s first solo movie with these 10 great comics featuring the Scarlet Speedster.

15 Great Underground Hip Hop Albums

Whether you’ve avoided hip hop in the past or are simply looking for something fresh for your playlist, these artists’ approach to production, rhythm, flow, and lyrics are sure to send you down the endless rabbit hole of independent and underground hip hop. 

8 Best Doom Patrol Comics

Before you watch the fourth season of the TV show, make sure to check out some of our favorite Doom Patrol comics!

8 Punk Rock Hidden Gems on Freegal

Check out these underappreciated albums and EPs from the world of punk, emo, hardcore, and more—all free to stream and download on Freegal!

Pride for Quiet Gays: Great Movies

If you find parades and crowds overwhelming, there are still a lot of ways to celebrate Pride! Here are some great ideas for quiet gays (or introverts in general!)

6 Must-Read Ms. Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel debuts on Disney+ and these are the comics you need to read to get caught up on the adventures of Kamala Khan.

Listen Up!

Audiobook suggestions based on distraction level, humor, length, and ability to pause.

10 Best Doctor Strange Comics

Excited for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Check out some of the Sorcerer Supreme’s greatest comic book adventures.

Social Emotional Learning Resources for Grades 1-5

Social emotional learning (SEL) encourages the development of self control, self awareness and the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in school and life. We hope this collection of library materials will inspire you to think of many ways you can promote social emotional learning among the children in your life.

Frightfully Good Young Adult Horror Just in Time for Halloween

Are you looking for a good scary story? YA fiction is full of good horror: from ghosts to demons, spine-chilling houses to serial killers. Take a look at any of these stories to get you through the Halloween season. Just be sure to keep a bit of light on at night (to go to the bathroom, not because you’re scared of the creepy things that go bump in the night…)

Children’s Library & Teen Recommends – Fall 2021

Youth Services Librarians love to read, too! Check out what your favorite Children’s and Teen Librarians at Main Library are reading, whether it be a picture book about penguins, a middle grade adventure in a treehouse, vampires in Louisiana, or a time-traveling phone booth!

For Fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society

Now a popular streaming series for tweens, The Mysterious Benedict Society is based on a series of books by Trenton Lee Stewart. Check out these other great books and series while you wait for the next episode.

Cinema for the Ears

Treat your ears to full cast dramatizations of your favorite classics complete with sound effects and music.

Great YA Books for EFL Students, Part II

Curating this booklist brings back many fond memories of mine as I used to teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language) while living as an ex-pat overseas. If you’re an educator like I am, you are well aware that finding suitable reading material can be both arduous and heartbreaking. I hope this list makes it a bit easier for you.

To All the Otaku, with Love (May 2021)

Are you a manga or anime enthusiast? We are, too! We are constantly looking for new (and awesome) titles to add to our collection. We are happy to share some of our favorites with you, including some light novels! For more suggestions, please feel free to contact your teen librarian at the Library!

Great YA Books for Advanced EFL Students, Part I

Curating this booklist brings back many fond memories of mine as I used to teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language) while living as an expat overseas. If you’re an educator like I am, you are well aware that finding suitable reading material can be both arduous and heartbreaking. I hope this list makes it a bit easier for you.

Lately, I’ve Been Thinking… I Want You to Be Happier.

Springtime is one of renewal and joy. What better way to spend it than to check out a new and interesting book? Here are some great, uplifting recommendations, curated by yours truly. And the answer is yes: I was totally jamming to Marshmello’s lyrics while curating this piece (extra brownie points to those that know the song)!

Asian American & Pacific Islander Author Spotlight – May 2021

In honor of Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month, here is a list of notable authors and some of their works. We are sure that you will find something here that is worth your while! A Library card and PIN will be required to access many of the resources listed. Need help with your card or PIN? Contact your nearest location or call 419-259-5200. Need a new card?

YA Books that Encourage Body Positivity

People of all ages experience body negativity and insecurity. We are constantly under the scrutiny of needing to be thin or fit. Let’s continue to advocate for the body-positive image. Let’s start with these reads, all of which promote body positivity!

“Party Up” and Beyond

DMX left behind a robust catalog of gruff and visceral hip-hop tracks. If you want to go beyond megahit "Party Up" you're going to have to use your library card up in here, up in here.

Best Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Is your preschool or kindergarten-aged child looking for something new to read? Check out this curated list of best books for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners for your little one to enjoy!

A Plethora of Poetry Books to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives every April.

Women’s History for Kids on hoopla

Through your TLCPL hoopla account, share the uplifting stories and inspiring accomplishments of heroic women with your young readers and encourage them to dream beyond the feats of the past and into a future full of promise.

Recommendations for Among Us Fans

For fans of the astronaut-themed murder mystery co-op game, Among Us: here are some book recommendations just for you! See if you can figure out who the murderer is. There is definitely something sus going on here!

Realistic Fiction for Grades 4-5

Read these fictional inspiring stories that resemble realistic situations, issues or experiences that could have happened in real life.A Library card and PIN will be required to access many of the resources listed. Need

Children Love Everything About Music

Whether it’s banging on a pan or plastic tub to hear the sound or dancing enthusiastically to toddler tunes, music has the potential to engage children in fun and unique ways. Music may even help reduce stress and alleviate boredom, which is something we all need from time to time.

Presidents’ Day for Grades PreK-3

President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It was originally a celebration of George Washington, the first president, but now it is a celebration for all presidents.

Get Unplugged with a Day of Play

Why not choose a just one day a week to get unplugged? Encourage your family to take a digital diet away from all devices, just for a single day! A one-day “fast” from technology is a great way to refresh your senses, add spontaneity to your life and reconnect with your family!

Explore Art for PreK-3

Art is anything that is beautiful to look at- it can express ideas or emotions. You can make art out of any material.

Animal Hibernation for PreK-3

What happens to certain animals during the Winter? Some hibernate- they stay in their homes and rest during the cold Winter months.

Snowy Days for PreK-3

What do you like to do when there’s a snowy day? Do you make forts, have a snowball fight, or snuggle up to read?

American Civil War resources for Grades 9-12

Spanning four years and resulting in more than 620,000 American casualties, historians regard the American Civil War as one of the most divisive eras in US history. Let the Library guide you to some excellent resources for furthering your research of this part of our past.

Help for Homeschoolers

Jumping into homeschooling can be challenging! As a librarian who homeschooled my two kids, I have suggestions for Toledo Lucas County Public Library resources to use as you educate your children. 

Podcasting for Everyone!

Maybe you've listened to some podcasts. Maybe not. But did you know you can make them yourself? The Library has all the information you could want about putting your voice onto the world stage.

Landforms Resources for Grades 1-5

Landforms are the features that make up the surface of the Earth. From mountains to valleys, and all the plateaus in between, the library has resources to help you explore landforms.

Romancing the Streaming Service

Looking for a good dose of onscreen chemistry to set your weekend, right? Check out these romantic comedies for free on Hoopla!

Five Books to Movies for Kids on hoopla

For those with children and tweens who prefer YouTube over books, choosing something for them to read that they can also watch, is a great way to encourage reading!

Get Personalized Reading Recommendations

Have you heard about the Toledo Library's Book Picks service? Get books picked just for you based on what you love, selected by expert librarians - never by robots.

Two Librarians: Quarantined

They're back and with more time on their hands than ever! Join Katie and Allison as they discuss their picks for what to read while quarantined.

Exploring Poetry and Jazz Online

Did you know the month of April is both National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month? Celebrate at home with these digital recommendations!

Spend Your New Year – At the Library

Happy New Year from your Library! Make 2020 your best year yet by taking advantage of the many resources, materials and programs we offer. We hope to see you often!

New Options for Interacting With Our Digital Content

The Local History and Genealogy department of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has loaded a number of digitized books onto Internet Archive as an alternative means of accessing them. We also shared all the metadata about our digital collections as open data, which is now accessible through GitHub.

Hoopla Has Entertainment On The Go

If you don't have time to stop into the Library, you can still enjoy what your Library has to offer. We can help you get setup for reading, watching, or listening to what interests you!

Want Free Stuff? Get The Card!

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Let's take a look at all of the amazing things that come along with being a card holder!